10 Greatest Anime Love Stories

Love stories have always been popular among all genres, but anime fans seem to have a special place in their hearts for romance. Among a multitude of anime categories, fans love seeing sparks fly between close friendships, opposites attract, and characters fighting for those they love. There’s hope that builds from stories of overcoming trauma and stepping out of comfort zones.

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Inspiring characters like Yona and Hak grew from childhood friends to lovers, while Mureum and Komugi forge an unexpected love and friendship that saves the world. There is something in these narratives that tell fans a great love story is possible, all is not lost, and that love is possible for everyone.

10 Yona & Hak’s Love Story Was Underrated (Yona Of The Dawn)

Similar to the entire series being unjustly underrated, so is Yona and Hak’s romance. Yona originally has her heart set on Soo Woon, but after the traumatizing betrayal Yona and Hak share, they travel together in the search of the four dragons. During this adventure, their relationship begins to blossom beyond that of dear childhood friends.

Not only is Hak Yona’s bodyguard after swearing loyalty to her father, but he also teaches her to take up weaponry against his own beliefs to help her become stronger. Hak supports Yona even when his only wish is to keep her close, and he helps her grow from a superficial princess into a fearless warrior.

9 Machi Was Yuki’s Long Awaited Love Story (Fruits Basket)

Yuki had great admiration and affection towards Tohru, but Machi was his (and fans’) long-awaited love story. Machi and Yuki were similar in many ways. They were both mistreated and told that they were worthless, and both were near losing all hope at different times in their lives.

It was because of these similarities that Yuki could sense despair in Machi and that Machi could see through Yuki’s outward mannerisms into his intense loneliness. Their unconditional acceptance followed by an outstretched hand created an unexpected bond that created a gentle and powerful love.

8 Usui & Misaki’s Clashing Personalities Brought Them Together (Maid Sama)

Misaki’s work ethics and intense caring personality attracted the aloof Usui. Similarly, it was Usui’s effortlessness that originally intrigued Misaki, and his acute obsessive stalker personality made their relationship exciting to watch.

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The one common trait they shared was their undeniable magnetism toward one another. The couple learns to support one another, and eventually verbally express their needs. It isn’t until this moment that their relationship blooms. This slow, teased progression paired with interesting barriers to overcome makes Maid Sama a great love story that viewers never grow tired of.

7 Sakuta Is The First Person To See Mai (Rascal Does Not Dream Of Bunny Girl Senpai)

In this supernatural romance drama, former actress Mai wakes up one day and finds that she’s invisible to everyone around her — until she meets Sakuta. Sakuta puts everything aside to help this wild bunny girl because of his instant attraction toward her. When she escapes his memory too, he uses all of his strength to recall his first love and declares it to the entire school.

Their relationship throughout the series continues to bloom when they help their friends and siblings overcome their own puberty syndrome. Sakuta and Mai prove to viewers how feasible it is to help others after feeling seen and supported by someone they cherish.

6 Shirogane & Shinomiya Secretly Help Each Other (Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War)

While most of the anime feels like a game of cat and mouse, this very plot showcases Shirogane’s and Shinomiya’s internal emotions. The pair consistently lifts each other up through direct opposition and hidden schemes. Their first encounter inspires Shirogane to reach for class president in the first place, pushing him to become better to stand next to someone like Kaguya.

While their feuds are what make the romantic comedy entertaining, the long-awaited transformation occurs when Shirogane gets into Harvard and attains letters of recommendation for Kaguya. He expresses his long-felt desire for her to stand next to him on equal ground. While fans still wait for actual love confessions, their oblivious affections are revealing of the unofficial couple.

5 Nanami & Tomoe Find Each Other In Another Life (Kamisama Kiss)

Nanami and Tomoe began their rocky relationship on uneven grounds. Nanami kisses herself into being Tomoe’s mistress, and the fierce powerful fox is now a babysitter for a high school girl. But as their relationship grows and Nanami needs to save Tomoe, she goes back in time only to make him fall in love with her again by entering Yukiji’s body in the past.

Once Nanami enters Yukiji’s body, Tomoe finds himself suddenly falling for Yukiji. This major event happens near the end of the series when fans have already watched as Nanami and Tomoe fell for each other in the future. Seeing these parallels drives home the romantic belief that lovers always find each other in every life.

4 Kyoko & Izumi Are An Example Of A Healthy Relationship (Horimiya)

This slice-of-life anime gives fans a comfortingly normal example of a healthy relationship without being boring. Kyoko was the first person to really see Izuki, and in a very simple way saved him from the consuming darkness he once battled. However, this anime doesn’t over-romanticize trauma.

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instead, Horimiya focuses on the luminosity of two characters who support one another and choose to step forward. The slow progression of small relationship things like accidentally touching hands or the first kiss paired with the revelation of how one special person can change your life makes this couple’s love story classic and underrated.

3 Mureum & Komugi’s Relationship Saved All Of Humanity (Hunter X Hunter)

The most unlikely of companions, Meruem and Komugi meet at the most significant part of Hunter x Hunter. Meruem proves to be the most fearsome antagonist so far, and even Netero is unsure if he’s a worthy match. Before knowing Komugi, Mereum had no sense of empathy and killed recklessly and without cause.

Without Komugi, Meruem would not have known any of the emotions that helped him understand humanity and its fragility. He began to question his beliefs and reflect on his existence, a trait that most living beings share. This connection to humans was the peak of his transformation. Their ephemeral relationship had a great impact on Meruem, and consequently, the state of the world.

2 Ashitaka’s Unconditional Love Helped San Grow (Princess Mononoke)

It was clear to viewers that the war between San and Lady Eboshi had been raging for some time, and without Ashitaka’s in the story, it very easily could have ended with more bloodshed and fewer desirable outcomes. Before meeting Ashikata, San was no stranger to loss, grief, and anger. She often allowed these emotions to take lead in her actions, and many times lost because of it.

Ashikata was the first human she met who wasn’t an enemy, and his understanding of her is what helped San understand the human in herself. She was able to transform her anger into strength for her pack and end the cycle of destruction to help the forest heal.

1 Shirayuki Loves Herself First, Making Zen Love Her More (Snow White With The Red Hair)

Zen and Shirayuki’s love story carries importance because Shiruyaki is an admirable protagonist who chooses herself first. Driven by a dream, she doesn’t seek out a prince or kingdom to rely on but stumbles upon a friend along her own path. Zen is first captured by her drive to make her own way in life and become a court herbalist without handouts or ties to a royal family.

Shirayuki’s passion to heal people through medicine and friendship is what makes him fall for her. Zen’s admiration for Shirayuki and the way he lifts her up is a refreshing reminder of the relationships that can be built when people choose themselves first. Their love story is incidentally healing for all those watching.

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