10 Disney Shows That Aged Poorly

For many years, Disney Channel has provided an array of TV shows for its young demographic. Regardless of a Disney show’s quality, there are always productions that any audience can look back upon with nostalgia due to their beloved characters, storylines, or premise.

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However, the harsh truth is that some Disney shows don’t hold up the way audiences once remembered. Whether it’s the show’s cheesy writing or acting, the dated effects or premise, or something the show once joked about coming to pass in real life, many Disney Channel shows have aged poorly.

10 Jessie Tried Too Hard With A Simple Premise

jessie (2011) follows Debby Ryan as the titular character, who moves to New York to become an actor. To try to make ends meet, she becomes a nanny for four rambunctious kids of a prestigious family and gets into all sorts of zany shenanigans.

Although jessie has a likable cast and a plausible premise, the writing doesn’t allow either aspect to form endearing characters. Most of the show’s comedy is overdone, and the characters don’t have a down-to-earth quality. This makes it hard for the audience to engage with them. These problems flew for four seasons, and although jessie had genuine effort, it became dull after a few episodes.

9 Fish Hooks Was Creative But Occasionally Unpleasant

Fish Hooks follows a trio of fish: Oscar, Milo, and Bea. They attend school in a pet store aquarium and experience various teenage issues alongside other unusual occurrences. Bizarreness is generally a welcome trait in the world of animation.

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sorry, Fish Hooks tends to lean too hard on the gross-out aspect and its writing fails to capture audiences’ attention. Its lead character has the voice talent of Rick and Morty’s creator, but even that isn’t enough to allow Fish Hooks to age well. Because audiences now know that Disney Channel is capable of more when it comes to cartoons, Fish Hooks isn’t memorable.

8 Dog With A Blog Does Little With Its Idea

Dog with a Blog involves a newly married family adopting a dog named Stan for the feuding children to bond over. The plan works, but things change for them when the kids discover the dog can talk and is writing a blog about the family.

Dog with a Blog had an incredulous idea to begin with, but if the show was animated, it could have embraced its absurdity. However, the family members and jokes fall into the typical sitcom tropes, with nothing to differentiate them from any other kid-oriented comedy series. The dog is adorable and expressive, but he’s hardly the show’s focus.

7 Girl Meets World Couldn’t Capture The Heart Of The Original

Girl Meets World is a spin-off of the ’90s TV show Boy Meets World. Girl Meets World follows young Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard) navigating her changing life and friendships. She’s guided through these problems by her teacher and father, Cory (Ben Savage).

while Boy Meets World had its fair share of problems, it was sincere in discussing its topics. Girl Meets World tries to do the same but is limited by the confines of Disney Channel. As such, it comes off as a tad too maudlin and melodramatic. Girl Meets World occasionally features several of the original characters, and most of them never lost a beat. Nevertheless, the modern TV show has already aged poorly.

6 Bizaardvark Was A Rip-Off Of A Much Better Show

Disney Channels Bizaardvark followed two teenagers named Paige (Olivia Rodrigo) and Frankie (Madison Hu) who express their eccentric natures through the titular video channel. while Bizaardvark had its fans, the show’s premise and style are now deemed too similar to Nickelodeon’s iCarly.

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Unlike iCarly, Bizaardvark lacked energy and wit as most of the characters were somewhat bland. while iCarly was an enjoyable show, its greatness came from the ending and funny characters, rather than the video channel format. Bizaardvark focuses primarily on the web show, leaving little to no room for fun or charm.

5 Disney Channel Mostly Pretended Like Pickle And Peanut Never Happened

Pickle and Peanut is an odd mesh of animation and live-action, involving the two main characters in their final year of high school. They attempt to have as much fun in their town as possible before graduation and the many responsibilities that set in afterward.

Pickle and Peanut is packed to the brim with grotesque imagery and shoddy animation. Its teenage-like writing is not only dated, but it’s also over-indulgent towards its demographic. Everything about Pickle and Peanut came together to make something strange, but not quite ending. The show eventually came on Disney Plus, but few audiences knew or clamored to stream it.

Jonas followed the Jonas Brothers through a series of strange shenanigans. While the brothers live their celebrity lifestyles, they also try to navigate their day-to-day lives.

At the time of Jonas‘s premiere, the Jonas Brothers was already a well-established name both in and outside Disney Channel. As such, Jonas didn’t have much reason to exist. Jonas’s characterization of the Jonas Brothers isn’t the most engaging. The show tries to be a comedy and a drama, but neither aspect manages to stand out. In hindsight, its best element is that it doesn’t contain the laugh track many other Disney Channel shows possess.

3 Ant Farm Felt Awkward

Ant Farm features a young girl named Chyna Parks (China Anne McClain) who has musical talent. She gets transferred to her older brother’s high school as part of an advanced natural talent program and deals with the other kids in the program and the other high schoolers.

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Although Ant Farm had a legitimately talented lead, its characters and writing are both awkward. Most of the characters and jokes fall flat, mainly because many of the show’s ideas have little to no direction. Ant Farm tried to change things in its final season, but these problems were still rampant.

2 So Random Was A Barrage Of Tiring Sketches

So Random is a spin-off of the Disney Channel TV show Sonny with a Chance. The spin-off is a series of sketches that are performed by most of the Sonny with a Chance cast.

Regardless of where audiences stand on Sonny with a Chancemost agree that it is far funnier than So Random. The sketches try to give everything an extreme ’90s edge that quickly gets old. It parodies several popular aspects of the period but without any satire. The musical guests are sometimes entertaining, but even then, it’s not enough to make up for the rest of the show.

1 Shake It Up Has Flashy Style But Poor Substance

Shake it Up follows two best friends, Cece Jones (Bella Thorne) and Rocky Blue (Zendaya), who become backup dancers on a local TV show. Along the way, they contend with rivals and their friendship.

The cast is incredibly talented and some of Shake it Up‘s dance numbers are very vibrant. However, the characters are unlikable across several episodes, which means audiences find it hard to engage with them. It also has a rather tense feeling and no fun atmosphere in any of its episodes, despite the many comedic shenanigans that ensue.

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