10 Disney Animated Movies That Need A Live-Action Remake

Since the release of the live action Alice in Wonderland in 2010, Disney has continued to release multiple live-action remakes of animated classics. While many live-action films may not have done as well with critics as their animated source material, they were still great films.

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Despite animation having the advantage of being able to create any and every scenario imaginable, live-action movies help bring their fantastic stories closer to real life. So although the live-action movies may not be quite as popular, they continue to enjoy enough success to warrant more films to be made, and fans are excited to see what will be made into live-action next.

10 The Sword In The Stone Is A Character-Driven Tale Of Magic And Chivalry

A fantastic story that has not been revisited in some time is The Sword in the Stone. The film is full of over-the-top characters, including the wizard Merlin and the eccentric Madame Mim, alongside average humans trying to live during the Dark Ages.

Reimagining this tale could launch the career of a young actor playing Arthur while allowing older actors to take on fun roles in the magical characters of the story. The Sword in the Stone can be a fantastic “Cinderella Story” about how greatness can come from the humblest of places, and using real-life people can help audiences connect with the story.

9 Everybody Wants To Be An Aristocat

Disney’s 1970 hit The Aristocats certainly made viewers wish they were cats. The story follows a family of aristocratic cats who were left for dead by a butler trying to get their inheritance due to them. The family met a charismatic alley cat who helped them through their journey home.

A remake could bring new life to Madame Adelaide and Edgar the butler, as well as all the cats who may be a mixture of CGI and actual cats. The visuals of the jazz cats playing “Everybody Wants to be a Cat” would make a fantastic scene in live-action.

8 The Black Cauldron Could Rival The Best Live-Action Medieval Fantasies

Perhaps the darkest of Disney’s animated films, The Black Cauldron, would be a superb candidate for a live-action reboot. The story followed an odd collection of companions who fought to defeat an evil magical emperor known as the Horned King before he could take over the world.

This film’s dark setting and themes would translate very well over to a real-life setting. Most characters could be played by actors with minimal CGI except maybe Gurgi and other similar creatures. The themes of heroism and self-sacrifice are important lessons that could be retaught and strengthened by a remake.

7 Few Films Pull On The Heartstrings Like The Fox And The Hound

One of Disney’s major tear-inducing movies was The Fox and the Hound. The story follows the unlikely friendship between a fox and a hunting hound. Despite being raised to be mortal enemies, and having some serious miscommunication, Tod and Copper retain the bond of friendship.

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Seeing Tod being left at the game reserve in real life would surely touch the hearts of all viewers, as would the final moment the two share before parting ways. A live-action remake would be sure to evoke strong emotion from all viewers.

6 The Hunchback Of Notre Dame Is A Timeless Tale Of Inner Beauty

The Hunchback of Notre Dame would make an excellent addition to Disney’s live-action lineup. This movie covered some seriously mature themes like infanticide, genocide, and damnation. The film showed that a person’s true nature came from their nature, not what they looked like or what profession they held.

Father Frollo would provide an excellent role for someone to shine through as the film’s villain, and the rest of the characters would ensure a diverse cast. A face-lift for the gargoyles would also bring some freshness to the story, and any artistic changes would help it stand out from the original.

5 A New Spin On The Emperor’s New Groove Could Bring In A New Audience

One of the more comical animated films, with plenty of fourth wall breaks, was The Emperor’s New Groove. The film featured an amazing voice cast who pulled off every line perfectly. The moral of the film is shown through its comedy, showing that selfishness only hurts while selflessness can help many.

The film could pull in any actors, although David Spade may not be the ideal actor for an Incan emperor. However, Patrick Warburton would still make for a great Kronk despite not being of Central American descent because a henchman could come from anywhere. A remake of the film could still teach the same lessons, even with a CGI llama Kuzco.

4 The Nightmare Before Christmas Is A Timeless Classic That Could Thrive Live

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas has stood the test of time and continues to be popular among many. The film shows the importance of being true to yourself and not pretending to be something you’re not.

With the film’s focus on Halloween, a live-action version could play into the horror element while not losing the magic from the animated version and still giving a fantastic version of Christmastown. A remake of this story could bring renewed vigor to a film that’s still popular.

3 The Rescuers Is A Thrill Ride For All Ages

The Rescuers followed two mice from a Rescue Agency within the United Nations as they attempted to rescue a young human girl who had been kidnapped. The mice, along with the little girl, Penny, thwart the evil plans of her kidnaper Madame Medusa who had planned to use Penny to recover the world’s largest diamond.

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This film’s mix of drama and comedy would translate well to live-action. Also, since the movie’s cast is a mix of humans and animals, it could employ regular actors and voice actors to bring the story to life and help everything seem more real.

2 Treasure Island Is An Adaptable Epic

Disney’s Treasure Planet was an animated film that did not receive the attention it was due. The movie retells the classic Treasure Island set in a futuristic landscape. A young man was given a map to the famous Treasure Planet, full of priceless treasure, and was betrayed by the pirate group pretending to help him led by the infamous John Silver.

The film’s main cast is human so any talented actor could fill the roster. With the pirate theme, this movie could be something similar to a futuristic Pirates of the Caribbean, and it could earn the attention it deserved.

1 Atlantis: The Lost Empire Deserves To Be A Big-Budget Spectacle

Atlantis: The Lost Empire is an unsung masterpiece of animation that would translate excellently to live-action. The film followed Milo Thatch, who dreamed of finding Atlantis, as he helped guide a mission to find the ancient city. Despite being betrayed, Milo and several others fought for what was right and helped save Atlantis.

Fan interest in a remake has been strong, and hundreds of fan castings for the film have been developed. A remake could make this movie’s action sequences shine and bring some beasts and technology to the forefront. A live action Atlantis would be a fantastic movie.

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