10 Coolest Power Systems In Anime, Ranked

Any anime with intense battles or action-packed scenes will likely have a power system. Anime’s power systems are some of the most versatile across fiction as a whole. Many follow the same concept of honey enough of a certain emotion or energy to build a character’s power. However, some of these systems follow a more unique path and are used as guidelines to rank the strongest individuals in a series’ universe.

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Some power systems are cooler than others. Some have resulted in the flashiest techniques in all of anime, while others have become synonymous with the identity of their series.

10 The Possibilities Are Endless With Quirks (My Hero Academia)

My Hero Academias Quirks are one of the most versatile power systems in the medium. The possibilities are endless for what kind of powers a character may or may not end up with in the series. Plus, it’s part of the creative worldbuilding in the story since Quirk inequalities are a major issue in the world of MHA.

Some people are quirkless, while others have lackluster powers like Mineta’s Pop-Off. However, a few quirks are dangerously overpowered, like All For One or Todoroki’s half-and-half powers.

In Fullmetal Alchemist, alchemy is an impressive power system. It’s based on the Law of Equivalent Exchange, so its potential is limited. It’s one of anime’s most balanced power systems, thanks to this setup. Something of equal value must be lost for something else to be created.

Once an alchemist grasps this concept, the world is their oyster. The only limit to this power system is the user’s creativity. Some of the most powerful alchemists are innovators who took a basic concept and used their imagination to make it their own.

8 Ki Has Become Iconic (Dragon Ball)

dragon balls Ki has inspired other power systems in anime. Users hone their body’s innate spiritual energy to create colossal bursts of energy. Ki has multiple uses, however, like flying, detecting others’ energy, and even teleporting.

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Ki may seem predictable and outdated compared to exciting newer-generation power systems, but it’s a classic. Almost every character in the series is vastly overpowered because of it. Some characters Ki is so strong that their attacks would easily destroy the Earth.

7 Breathing Styles Can Always Be Reinvented (Demon Slayer)

The Breathing Styles in Demon Slayer adhere to the same groundwork as many other power systems in anime. However, the way they’re set up allows for unlimited creativity.

Every single breathing style can be traced back to Sun Breathing. After that, everything is derived from Water, Flame, and other natural elements. Some slayers, however, make their own breathing styles. Inosuke’s Beast Breathing, Obanai’s Snake Breathing, and Mitsuri’s Love Breathing are just a few of the creative techniques that the slayers have come up with.

6 Kagune Are Powerful Biological Weapons (Tokyo Ghoul)

In Tokyo Ghouli, a Kagune is a ghoul’s biological weapon. Each goal has an internal organ called a kakuhou, which stores RC cells. Kagune are formed because of these cells. They’re called liquid muscles because the RC cells make them elastic, but they maintain the firmness of a muscle. Kagune can be offensive or defensive weapons depending on how they’re used. If their Kagune is strong enough, a ghoul can easily become their own weapon.

A Kagune can only get stronger when ghouls get more RC cells from eating more humans or committing cannibalism. When a ghoul eats a certain amount of humans or fellow ghouls, the Kagune might evolve into a Kakuja.

5 Devil Fruits Are The Most Unique Power System In Anime (One Piece)

One Piece’s Infamous Devil Fruits are the most unique power system in anime. Their whimsical designs and quirky powers are hard to replicate in other series. Their very existence has become synonymous with One Piece’s identity.

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They’re classified into three distinct types. Zoan types allow the user to become an animal at will. Paramecia types are the most common, allowing users to obtain superhuman powers. Logia types are the rarest, and they let their consumers transform their merge their biological composition with a natural element.

4 Nen Has Boundless Potential (Hunter X Hunter)

Hunter X Hunter’s Nen is one of anime’s most praised power systems. It has boundless potential and realistic standards, so a character’s power-up never feels contrived. It’s such a versatile power system that there’s no limit to a user’s potential techniques.

Before unlocking Nen powers, they have to train so they can find out what their Nen Specialty is. They can be Manipulators, Transmuters, Conjurers, Enhancers, Specialists, or Transmuters. Typically, users can only master one type, but a few have mastered two or three types simultaneously.

3 Chakra Is The Blueprint For Many Other Power Systems (Naruto)

Every ninja in Naruto bases their attacks on jutsu, which utilizes Chakra. Chakra is the blueprint for many other anime power systems and, despite criticisms, has become one of the medium’s most iconic. Chakra allows for jutsu to be such a versatile system.

Chakra was brought to the world by Kaguya after she ate the Chakra fruit. Ninjas manipulate this powerful energy to generate basic ninjutsu, genjutsu, and other chakra-fueled techniques. Ninjas can get pretty creative with their jutsu techniques, too. Whether they’re using their chakra to control insects or using it as a support for a super overpowered move, it comes in handy no matter what.

2 Cursed Energy Is Fueled By Negative Emotions (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Though Jujutsu Kaisen’s power system receives criticism from fans for being too confusing, it’s still one of the most unique in the medium. It’s fueled purely by negative emotions, so nearly every human on the planet has at least some level of cursed energy. Those with enough to see cursed spirits are the only ones who qualify to be jujutsu sorcerers.

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Sorcerers can utilize an entire arsenal of overpowered techniques by honey their flow of cursed energy. Some of the cursed techniques are mind-numbingly powerful, like Gojo’s Limitless technique. Others are so dangerous that they should be banned, like Mahito’s Idle Transfiguration.

1 Stands Are Unlike Any Other Power System In Anime (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure started with Hamon. It was a generic system that relied on the sun’s energy to defeat the vampires and Pillar Men of the first two parts. It was convenient at the time, but the series was due for a change of pace in part three. Thus, Stands made their debut in during Stardust Crusaders.

Stands are one of the most unique, revolutionary power systems in the entire medium. They’re an external manifestation of someone’s fighting spirit. Someone can either be born with it, or they’d have to survive getting pierced by the Arrow. There’s no limit to what kind of abilities a Stand may have. Whether it’s the ability to freeze time or a Stand that manifests as talking bullets, the series has everything that someone could imagine.

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