10 Comedy Movies That Were Not Funny At All, According To Reddit

Hocus pocus 2 is coming to Disney+ on September 30, 2022, to bring back the beloved Anderson sisters who knew how to make audiences laugh with their goofy and twisted personalities in 1993. The original cast of the three witches was left untouched for the second title of the franchise and fans are eager to see their new adventure.

Not all comedies have been as successful and well received as Hocus Pocus. The art of comedy is one of the hardest to pull off. To meet everyone’s sense of humor is quite the challenge for most writers and cinematographers, and there are some comedy films that despite all their efforts to be funny, they didn’t even get a chuckle out from Redditors.


10 Holmes And Watson

Holmes And Watson Movie

Holmes And Watson was mentioned by multiple people throughout Reddit. It is difficult to do a comedy movie that is appealing to everybody, but it is just as hard to do one that absolutely everyone despises, but somehow Etan Cohen’s take on the iconic duo achieved it.

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Redditor crazybaker42 added, “Fun fact about Holmes and Watson. Realizing how bad it was the studio tried to sell it to Netflix to avoid a theatrical release. Netflix wouldn’t touch it,” and most agreed that considering all the poorly reviewed movies Netflix has, to be rejected by the company speaks volumes.

9 Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser

David Spade in Joe Dirt 2

Redditor mr_ryno27 mentioned “Joe Dirt 2” and wondered, “Why did they even make it?” which met most people’s questions. Joe Dirt was well received by most audiences when it first came out, but as it happens with successful comedy movies, it seems someone wanted to do a second one to follow the first title’s favorable outcome.

David Spade is a hilarious actor that has performed in more than one Adam Sandler movie because of his naturally funny persona, but there are times when being an amusing comedian does not guarantee a movie will make people laugh. Luckily for him, the movie did not become as popular, and most people didn’t know it was filmed.

8 Pledge This

Pledge This

User doombear82 commented, “Whichever national lampoon’s something that had Paris Hilton in it, don’t remember the name,” and recounted, “I know I drove back down to blockbuster within the hour of getting it.” The Redditor was referring to Pledge This, which is not only unfunny but it’s also very cringe-worthy.

Paris Hilton is not famous for appearing in extraordinary movies, and maybe that is why she is one of the worst actors that became musicians. However, this movie surpassed all her bad movies and crowned itself as the worst one. Redditor kutuup1989 shared on the topic, “It came out my second week working at Blockbuster back in the day. Had to give out a lot of free rentals that week”.

7 Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Jr

ace ventura pet detective when nature calls ace ventura jr jim carrey

Ace Ventura is loved by many, and it’s even considered one of Jim Carrey’s best movies. However, Redditor the_hudge didn’t like one of the franchise’s films and stated “Ace Ventura Jr. You want to watch a kid and an old dude do a bad Jim Carrey impression? Correct you do not.”

Jim Carrey is a unique actor whose comedy skills became a trademark that no one else can imitate or follow. Writers and producers should have known that nobody can come close to the actor’s excellence and that any attempt to do so could only have an unfunny and cringe-worthy outcome.

6 Zoolander 2

Redditor mikeyfreshh mentioned “Zoolander 2” and towcar followed, “How did they not watch it after and think, wow this is garbage”. After the success of the first movie, some fans were truly disappointed by the sequel’s lack of good jokes or any other funny element.

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It is surprising that the movie had such a good cast and still failed to deliver something worthy of laughter. Names like Ben Stiller, Benedict Cumberbatch, Penelope Cruz, Justin Bieber, Owen Wilson, and Will Ferrel were not enough to prevent this movie from plummetering into bad reviews; after all, they are actors and not magicians.

5 Epic Movie

Parody movies always get crowds divided into lovers and haters, and livestrongbelwas was within the second group. He shared, “I was a film reviewer when Epic Movie came out and I wrote it was the worst thing I had ever seen in a theater. It’s been over 10 years and I still feel that way,” and many other Redditors agreed.

Some parodies are just as good as the real thing, but there are others that fail to deliver a good laugh. What usually defines a good parody movie is that it is based on a serious movie. To make a parody out of already hilarious comedies makes little sense, and it’s the perfect formula for failure, which was Epic Movie‘s case.

4 Jack And Jill

Jack and Jill

Grumar mentioned “Jack and Jill,” and it was somewhat expected that an Adam Sandler movie would be selected as an unfunny comedy. Most can agree that Sandler has had important and successful movies that made audiences laugh around the globe, but there are some others that did not cause a single chuckle.

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Most of the time, when comedians do an acting duet with themselves of different genders, is bad news. It is an act that is really hard to pull off, and sometimes it seems like the whole “joke” is based on a “guy acting and dressing up like a girl” premise, which has definitely not aged well.

3 The Love Gurus

PresidentGSO mentioned “The Love Guru” and recounted, “we made it roughly ten minutes. My friend leaned over to ask if I wanted to leave, I said let’s give it a few more minutes. Next joke was a booger joke. We left. ” Childish humor related to boogers, private male parts, and other similar themes can be boring and annoying for adults who were expecting to watch a comedy for grown-ups.

The movie failed to present a likable protagonist, jokes were forced, and comedy seemed desperate; for that and many reasons, multiple people agreed that it was one of the worst films they had ever seen. Cheap jokes and insulting people who are different is not funny, and comedy should try to be a little more complex than The Love Gurus.

2 The Emoji Movie

DonutCapitalism mentioned one of the worst-reviewed movies of all time, “The Emoji Movie,” and given that it was received by audiences when it was first released in 2017, it was not a surprise many other Redditors agreed.

Movie productions should understand by now that having popular things or acclaimed actors in their cast is not the key to success, and bad writing, trite dialogue, and lousy plotlines will kill any attempt of making an enjoyable and amusing film, like this case.

1 Space Jam: A New Legacy

Space Jam 2 LeBron James and Looney Tunes

Redditor deathjoe2 stated, “Space Jam 2. I laughed precisely once because of a 6-second cameo,” and it seems like the cameo was the only thing appreciated by most viewers who thought the movie was boring and shallow. It is undeniable that it felt effortless and that it can’t help but look like an attempt to win a lot of money at the box office and nothing more.

Most fans of the first movie did not take it lightly and felt severely disappointed. Space Jam is a light-hearted and goofy classic that marked many childhoods, so to mess up with that precious memory to promise a sequel as good, only to deliver something floppy and unfunny, was unacceptable.

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