10 Classic Horror Movie Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Plot

The new horror thriller The Black Phone is the latest to hit theatres, introducing a new film to the collection of disturbingly entertaining horror flicks.

While there are dozens of horror movies released every year, very few of them live up to the reputation of the great films before them. These classic horror films have only increased in popularity over the years, developing a cult following. It’s this popularity that has inspired many memes based on these renowned films. These memes represent the plots of these ten classical horror films.


10 scream

Meme about Billy Loomis from Scream.

Source: Reddit

This ’90s film is known as one of the most influential slasher flicks to date, the franchising continuing with four sequels and a series based on the original concept. scream also contains some of the best screams known in horror movies.

This meme from Reddit exemplifies the pointed references this slasher film makes regarding several well-known classical horror movies. In this scene depicted, Billy Loomis, one of the killers, Alfred Hitchcock’s references Psycho. The premise behind the plot of this film is the idea that killers can get away by claiming they were influenced by pop-culture horror movies.

9 A Nightmare On Elm Street

Meme about Freddy from A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Source: Reddit

There are several films in the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, but the original film introduced the nightmare that is Freddy Krueger.

Written and directed by horror legend Wes Craven, this film follows the terrifying story of a man that has come back for revenge against the children whose parents burned him alive, attacking them in their dreams while they sleep. This meme from Reddit so perfectly captures the plot, conveying the concept that Freddy is able to physically hurt these teenagers while they’re dreaming.

8 Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Meme about Leather face from Texas Chainsaw Masscre.

Source: DeviantArt

When Sally and Franklin go home to investigate the vandalization of their grandfather’s grave, they instead discover a murderous family living next door along with a crazed chainsaw-wielding maniac wearing a mask out of human skin.

Inspired by the killer and grave robber Ed Gein, Leatherface has been captured in several renditions following this classic ’70s film. However, each film based on this original has one similar aspect. The plot of this film focuses on a group of young people trying to escape Leatherface’s chainsaw as he chases them wearing someone else’s face. This meme from DeviantArt depicts Leatherface’s most disturbing characteristic and the most terrifying part of the film.

7 Halloween

Meme about Michael Myers from Halloween.

source: imgflip

Halloween started a franchise that would produce several wildly successful sequels, all based on the original tale of “horror comes to town”. In this ’70s slasher film, a silent and deadly killer comes back to his hometown after escaping an asylum to terrorize some babysitters one Halloween night.

While the original film brings little backstory to Michael Myers, Dr. Loomis helps the police department hunt down the psychotic killer, trying to convince them every step of the way that he is a monster that has no other desire but to kill, as depicted in this meme from imgflip.

6 misery

Meme about the plot from Misery.

Source: iFunny

Misery is a psychological thriller based on Stephen King’s novel by the same name. In this film, a famous writer is rescued after a terrible car accident only to find out his rescuer is a terrifying fan that has a tendency to act out violently.

This meme from iFunny perfectly captures Annie Wilkes’ personality as well as the plot of the movie. When Annie learns that Sheldon has killed off her beloved character in his books, she holds him captive and torments him while also forcing him to rewrite his last novel. While Annie is completely horrifying, she also remains one of the most impressive villains known in classic horror films.

5 Rosemary’s Baby

Meme about Rosemary's Baby.

Source: Reddit

This classic movie is still as relevant and terrifying as ever in the world of horror flicks. This film follows a young woman who begins experiencing strange occurrences during her pregnancy only to learn that her friendly neighbors are satan worshipers.

This meme shared on Reddit captures the plot of this film in a lighthearted, comical way. While motherhood is a trial for any parent, this meme reminds fans of the iconic end to Rosemary’s Babywith the mother realizing she brought a demonic being into the world.

4 Friday the 13th

Meme about Jason's immortality in Friday the 13th.

Source: me.me

While it isn’t one of the highest-rated, Friday the 13th is one of the major horror movie franchises. Despite it not being a favored classic, there are a few films in the franchise that are fan favorites with a cult following. Though Jason Vorhees is the main antagonist in most movies, his mother Mrs. Vorhees was the original killer.

Jason followed in his mother’s footsteps, however. This meme depicts the common theme in each plot within the Friday the 13th franchise. No matter how often the teenagers at camp try to kill Jason, his undead nature, as depicted in this meme from me.me, allows him to keep coming back.

3 Psycho

Meme about Norman Bates obsession with his mother.

Source: DeviantArt

Alfred Hitchcock’s Classic Psycho continues to be one of the most psychologically terrifying horror films to date. At a remote motel, Norman Bates is a taxidermist by day and a killer listening to the words of his dead mother by night.

This meme from DeviantArt perfectly sums up Norman Bates and the psychological focus of this film. Though a movie made in 1960, it captures the dangerous nature of a killer possessed by his own demons and terrible, murderous acts.

2 The Evil Dead

Meme about the book from evil dead.

Source: Reddit

Though a low-budget film, this classic horror movie terrifies audiences even today with its demonic possessions and otherworldly happenings. In this film, a group of college students vacation in a remote cabin in the woods.

This meme from Reddit represents the Book of the Dead they find in the cellar of the cabin. Despite the fact that the book is made out of human flesh and inked with blood, the group decides it’s a good idea to play the tape recording found with it in which an archeologist recites incantations that resurrect an ancient evil. If they had perhaps considered the contents of the book first, they could have prevented all of the horrors that follow.

1 The Shining

Meme about Jack going insane in The Shining.

source: Twitter

In this 1980 classic starring Jack Nicholson, a man and his family move into a deserted hotel in the middle of nowhere. As they spend time in this strange place, they begin experiencing disturbing things and Jack begins to go mad.

This meme from Twitter perfectly captures the main character, Jack, when he reaches his point of insanity. The plot is certainly focused on the paranormal experiences they encounter at the motel, but the most terrifying aspect of the film is when Jack loses his mind and attacks his family.

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