10 Best Twins In TV

The bond between siblings can be incredibly close, but the bond between twins is often even more than that. Fans are drawn to many of the portrayals of twins in movies and television because their bonds are typically explored in interesting ways.

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Twins in media can fall victim to many overdone tropes, from the evil twin trope to the single-minded twin trope. Nevertheless, there is no shortage of captivating twins on TV. Twin characters can also have some of the most heartwarming relationships on screen and become compelling characters as individuals, rather than as extensions of each other.

10 Zack And Cody Made So Many Childhoods (The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody)

Disney Channel’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and its sequel series Suite Life on Deck were staple viewing for many households during the early 2000s. The shows followed twins Zack and Cody Martin, and the wacky staff in the hotel and cruise ship that they called home.

Zack and Cody were mischievous and playful, frequently leaving chaos in their wake and causing many stressful situations for the hotel staff. The duo was not only each other’s siblings, but they were also best friends. Through their comedic antics, the audience watched them grow up and go through many life experiences together.

9 Liv And Maddie Couldn’t Be More Different (Liv And Maddie)

Both portrayed by Dove Cameron, the titular characters of the Disney Channel series Liv & Maddie could not be more different if they tried. Liv is an actor and singer who loves everything glamorous and theatrical. Maddie, on the other hand, is more reserved and enjoys sports and school.

Despite Liv and Maddie’s differences and the fact that they have spent a lot of time apart, the duo has a bond closer than anyone else in the show. The twins are given space and time to be their own people, not just extensions of each other who are always together. They have a strong connection and an understanding, loving relationship.

8 Missy And Sheldon Care For Each Other (Young Sheldon)

While Sheldon’s twin sister Missy only makes one appearance in The Big Bang Theory, she is a huge part of his life as he grows up in Young Sheldon. Watching their relationship develop is arguably one of the best parts of the prequel series. The two are very different people and, like all siblings, they clash a lot. However, when one of them is upset or makes a mistake, they are there to comfort each other.

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Sheldon may steal the spotlight, due to being the protagonist and being celebrated for his advanced intelligence, but Missy’s personality also shines through. Despite not being as clever as Sheldon, she shows emotional intelligence and wit through her actions and her hilarious comebacks.

7 Patty And Selma Are Cynical And Funny (The Simpsons)

The Simpsons has brought many iconic characters to audiences’ screens. The huge ensemble cast all have their memorable moments, and Marge’s older twin sisters Patty and Selma are no exception. The two are incredibly cynical and spend most of their time chain-smoking and complaining about Marge’s husband Homer, pointing out his many flaws.

The duo may be rude and unkind, but these traits provide many hilarious moments in The Simpsons. On rare occasions, they have even shown appreciation for Homer and his actions, even if it pained them to do so.

6 Sarah And Helena Grow To Love Each Other (Orphan Black)

Sarah Manning and her twin sister Helena got off to a tumultuous start, with Helena abducting Sarah’s daughter and proving herself to be a merciless murderer. However, through the high-stakes situations in the sci-fi series orphan black, the pair grow to care for each other.

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Sarah and Helena are two of the Project Leda clones, a group of women who are genetically identical and were all born in 1984. However, Sarah and Helena are the only twins, which leads them to a close bond. As unconventional as it may be, the Leda’s become family, and Sarah and Helena are at the center.

5 Tia And Tamera Grew Up Separately (Sister, Sister)

Separated at birth and adopted into different families, Tia and Tamera of Sister, Sister spend most of their lives growing up separately. However, a chance encounter at the mall brings the duo back together.

Due to being raised in different environments, the twins have opposing personalities. Tia is responsible, intelligent, and a straight-A student at school. On the other hand, Tamera would rather focus on male attention than her school work. The sisters complement each other in many ways and grow to develop an incredibly strong bond as they find out more about themselves and each other.

4 Billy And Tommy Are So Loved (WandaVision)

Billy and Tommy make their first appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in WandaVision. The sons of Wanda and Vision are welcomed into a loving, albeit dysfunctional family that was always going to break down. However, during their short time in Phase 4, the duo has become beloved. Fans are hoping they make many more appearances in the franchise.

It is clear how big Billy and Tommy’s personalities are, and viewers enjoyed watching the young boys mess around and have fun with their abilities. As they’re part of such an iconic and important MCU family, fans are hoping that Billy and Tommy are seen in the franchise’s next phase.

3 Michael And Lindsay Have A Hilarious Dynamic (Arrested Development)

Arrested Development‘s Michael and Lindsay Bluth are presented as twins who have a difficult but typical familial dynamic. Although, it’s revealed in season three that Lindsay was adopted by the Bluth family to annoy the Sitwell family, the Bluth’s main rivals.

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Despite the news of Lindsay’s adoption and the moments of the distance between the two, Michael and Lindsay have a stable and loving relationship. Many fans choose to look past the fact that they’re not twins, especially because Lindsay became such a beloved character.

2 Jaime And Cersei Are Iconic (Game of Thrones)

In the hugely successful series game of thrones, Jaime and Cersei Lannister have a complicated relationship. Although the characters’ romantic relationship is toxic and uncomfortable for most viewers, their sibling dynamic and ruthlessness are memorable and iconic parts of the fantasy series. As such, the pair garnered many fans during Game of Thrones’ run.

Although Jaime grows a lot throughout the show, the reveal that Jaime is the father of Cersei’s three children was shocking. Their commitment to protecting each other is admirable, and the pair are incredibly devoted to each other.

1 Sterling and Blair Are A Great Team (Teenage Bounty Hunters)

Sterling and Blair Wesley are very different people, but they balance each other out perfectly. Sterling is reserved, kind, and innocent while Blair is flirtatious, confident, and courageous. The duo winds up working with a bounty hunter in Teenage Bounty Hunters, and they prove themselves to be intelligent, resourceful individuals.

Sterling and Blair make a great team. It is revealed in the finale that Blair and Sterling are in fact cousins, not twins, but that does not stop their strong sisterly bond from being remembered fondly.

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