10 Best TV Shows Like Welcome To Plathville

Once a week just isn’t enough for fans who find that Tuesday’s new episodes of Welcome to Plathville come and go far too quickly. Tuning in to find out what the Plath family is up to has been more thrilling than ever this season, as many of the family members have been branching out into new hobbies and lifestyles.

Many viewers have become personally invested in the Plath family, as they’ve been watching them grow and mature for four seasons, the latest of which is soon drawing to a close. For fans of shows like Plathvilleexecuted in TLC’s “reality” style with engaging curated narratives, these shows are great to tune into between episodes or seasons.


Super Nanny (2005 – 2011)

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Though this show is a bit of a throwback, its episodes are just as satisfying to watch as Plathville, primarily for the family drama which exists not just for entertainment but with the intent of bettering a family in need. Like the story of Kim and Barry of Plathvillethis family-focused reality show explores the lives of families looking to be the parents they can be.

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Super Nanny aired from 2005 to 2011 with eight entertaining seasons which are available on Lifetime, HBO Max, and Hulu, according to TV Guide. The families vary, but almost every episode shares some of the same wholesomeness and productive conflict found in Welcome to Plathville. Great for lovers of reality TV with a familial focus, this is a great show to binge for fans of the Plaths.

90 Day Fiance (2014 – )

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90 Day Fiance is one of TLC’s most popular shows, as fans love tuning in for both the successful love stories as well as the painfully bad decisions of the 90 Day cast. While the show follows the story of several couples a season unlike Plathville which sticks to just one, similar themes are being explored and in the same style.

In 90 Day Fiance, couples are working against the clock to decide whether or not they should commit to getting married before their partners’ visas expire. In that short time, they delve into core issues including family expectations, spirituality, lifetime goals, and more. For fans that enjoy peeking into the lives of other families and their dynamics, this is a great show to check out, as it also airs on Discovery Plus.

Unexpected (2017 – )

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Another TLC favourite, Unexpected centers around the lives of young adults who unexpectedly find themselves starting a family. Because of the young age of the show’s participants, teenagers who still reside with their families, this show is all about family life and values ​​that often conflict with the lives the young couples wish to build for themselves.

Similar to Plathville with its narration and interviews edited in between scenes with the cast, this show is one to try for fans interested in family dynamics and the realities of parenthood. Watching the development of the cast as the season plays out is highly engaging, leaving fans feeling invested in how their lives will play out. There are similar conflicts regarding the correct way to raise a family that Plathville viewers will relate to.

Tidying Up With Marie Kondo (2019)

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Tidying Up With Marie Kondo has a surprisingly similar vibe to Plathville, wholesome with a focus on bettering the lives of a family. Family conflicts and tensions arise when it comes to sorting out the items that make a house a home.

It takes the effort of an entire family to keep a home tidy, a lesson Marie Kondo is passionate about sharing with viewers. This show delves into the not-so-pretty aspects of organizing and compromising with loved ones with the goal of a happier life. Similar to Plathville in the ways it explores familial bonds, this Netflix show is a great watch and recently got a new season.

1,000 Lb Sisters (2020 – )

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This TLC series revolves around Amy and Tammy, two sisters on a weight loss journey that has their entire family involved. Revealing family conflicts with an emphasis on tough love, this show is a must-watch for Plathville fans.

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Amy and Tammy live in the south like the majority of the Plath family, offering similar family values ​​and cultural norms. The show follows the sisters through their adventures in life, love, and health, themes also found in Plathville, making it a worthwhile show to check out for fans looking for something similar.

QueerEye (2018 – )

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Fans may not think Queer Eyea show hosted by LGBTQ+ individuals, has much in common with Welcome to Plathville which features a strict Christian family, however, the Fab Five don’t shy away from helping individuals much like the Plaths whose repressed nature often keep them from being the happiest versions of themselves.

The search for individuality and happiness has been a major plot point of season four of Welcome to Plathville and it’s at the heart of the Netflix series Queer Eye. Culture Expert Karamo Brown deals with the clients on the show most personally, but Bobby Berk, the interior designer for the show, shares his troubled past with Christianity in a respectful and meaningful way that is touching to viewers. A similar feel as Welcome to Plathville with a bit more care, this series is worth trying out for fans of the Plaths.

Love On The Spectrum US (2022)

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Also airing on Netflix is Love On The Spectrum US which follows the love stories of individuals on the Autism spectrum who are experiencing the ups and downs of modern dating. The show’s emphasis on family makes it a great show to watch alongside Plathville.

Dating isn’t easy for most people, let alone those who have trouble picking up on social expectations, but that’s what makes the show’s cast so loveable, clear by the numerous fan-favorite Love On The Spectrum singles. Watching individuals explore new aspects of the world for the first time is fascinating and often wholesome, something these two shows share. fans of Plathville are sure to enjoy Love on The Spectrumwhich can be found on Netflix in multiple iterations.

dr. Phil (2002 – )

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“It’s time for a change” Dr. Phil often declares, something the cast of Welcome to Plathville has been forced to acknowledge as they emerge from their sheltered lives. The well-known daytime talk show dr. Philo shares many themes with Welcome to Plathville, which is also often quote-worthy.

Family is at the core of the dr. Philo show which deals with familial relationships daily, from siblings and children to married couples. The realities of interpersonal conflict and strife are combined with Dr. Phil’s southern ideals and conservative values, making this show similar to Welcome to Plathville. Featuring drama and realistic family themes as seen with the Plaths, dr. Philo is worth binging for fans.

Bringing Up Bates (2015 – 2021)

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fans of Welcome to Plathville are no strangers to families with many, many children. Viewers will feel right at home with Bringing up Bateswhich features another Christian family who follow the Quiverfull movement, much like the Plaths.

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Christian values, musical talents, and family reign supreme in the lives of the Bates family, who like the Plaths live on a compound in the South. For its family focus, this show appeals to fans of the Plaths who will enjoy watching the Bates family expand and grow. The show ended with the most recent season in 2021, but there is plenty of it to see on UPtv.

Seeking Sister Wife (2018 – )

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This off-beat TLC show packs a similar punch as Welcome to Plathville, showcasing the lives of alternative families looking to live their lives as true to their beliefs as possible. Shot similarly to the lives of the Plaths, this show appeals to fans of the drama-reality style.

In Seeking Sister Wife, families that practice polygamy are looking to incorporate new women into their expanding families, making for an interesting show that can be educational, as well as entertaining, like watching the Plaths. This show shares similar themes surrounding religious polygamist lifestyles, with no lack of conflict and intrigue, making for another great show to watch alongside Welcome To Plathville.

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