10 Best TV Drama Episodes, According To Reddit

2022 has been a great year for riveting TV dramas, with The Dropout and Severance wowing viewers with strong performances and fascinating storylines. The best TV episodes are often the most creative, shot in a different way than the rest of the series or featuring an ambitious plotline. They tug on the heartstrings and make it hard to look away, resulting in a memorable episode.

TV fans have taken to Reddit to discuss their favorite episodes of dramas, from one pilot that stands out all these years later to an episode of an anthology series that is sweet, charming, and completely original.


“Pilot” (Lost, S1 E1)

Lost pilot episode

One Redditor shared that “The pilot episode of lost may be the best 1 hour of television ever made.” The first two-part episode is often considered one of the best TV pilots of all time and there is so much going on here that can be praised.

It’s hard to imagine what it would feel like to survive a plane crash and end up on a mysterious island, but the show does an incredible job of showing how emotional, scared and confused the main characters are. It’s fascinating beginning the process of getting to know them.

“Once More With Feeling” (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, S6 E7)

One Redditor posted that they love the Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode “Once More With Feeling,” explaining, “I’m not usually a big fan of musicals, but it just worked so well.”

After Buffy dies in the season 5 episode “The Gift,” she is depressed when she comes back to life, and she begins singing about her emotions and thoughts. It’s a fun and unique episode, with a demon, Sweet, in Sunnydale as well. While not everyone is a fan of a show having a musical episode, it’s a cool and interesting creative choice.

“The Winds Of Winter” (Game Of Thrones, S6 E10)

Game of Thrones

Redditor Adys mentioned the Game of Thrones episode “The Winds of Winter,” writing that it’s a “very, very strong contender for the hands-off best hour of television of all time.” The fan mentioned the “unique and outstanding ten minutes long musical score.”

Often considered one of the best Game of Thrones episodes, one of the storylines involves learning about Jon Snow’s family history, and fans are definitely still talking about this all of these years later. It says something that this episode sticks out when there are so many attention-getting plotlines.

“San Junipero” (Black Mirror, S3 E4)

Black Mirror San Junipero

while Black Mirror is known for telling dark, disturbing and bleak storylines about the future, often involving technology, “San Junipero” is a fan favorite. While it’s still a heartbreaking episode, it’s a bit more light-hearted than the others.

Redditor DOOM_feat_DOOM loves the episode, writing that it has a “Fantastic concept, great acting, great aesthetic and music.” The characters learn that the beach town that they’re having a good time in is actually a simulated reality and they have some tough decisions to make.

“Two Cathedrals” (The West Wing, S2 E22)

The West Wing episode Two Cathedrals

Most episodes of The West Wing are well-written, perfectly acted, and riveting. Fans love the season 2 finale “Two Cathedrals.” Redditor parrotforpresident called it “One of the finest hours of television” and Redditor MooseBear replied, “wow that was one powerful episode.”

As President Josiah Barlet remembers his beloved press secretary Mrs. Landingham who has passed away, the episode also deals with his Multiple sclerosis diagnosis.

“Two Storms” (The Haunting of Hill House, S1 E6)

Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House is a dramatic, engrossing, sad, and scary series about the Crain family and the terrible secrets and ghosts in the house that they used to live in.

Redditor Wes_Anderson_Cooper loves the episode “Two Storms,” ​​calling it an “utter masterwork in filmmaking” because it is shot in one “long take.” The fan also loves that it sees the “family all finally getting together.” When Neil’s father and siblings go to a funeral home after her death, they deal with some horrible memories.

“International Assassin” (The Leftovers, S2, E8)

The Leftovers International Assassin

while The Leftovers has some emotionally affecting episodes and many plotlines are memorable, fans like season 2’s “International Assassin” because it’s so different from the rest of the show. Kevin Garvey is in an afterlife, which is a creative way to tell the story.

Redditor amnesiac2323 called this “my favorite episode of anything ever.” and Redditor ColtCallahan added, “As far as ambition and quality go I can’t recall anything that approaches that.”

“Hush” (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, S4 E10)

Buffy episode Hush

When thinking about the best TV drama episodes, Redditor Eklassen posted about the Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode “Hush.” Ghouls called The Gentlemen come to Sunnydale and take people’s voices so they have to stay silent.

This episode stands out among all 7 sevens as it has unique demons and an emotional storyline as the characters need to learn how to get their points across to each other since they can’t speak.

“The Suitcase” (Mad Men, S4 E7)

Mad Men The Suitcase

One Redditor said when they think about the best TV episodes, “For me it’s a tie between The West Wing “Two Cathedrals,” Mad Men ‘The Suitcase,’ and Seinfeld ‘The Contest.'” “The Suitcase” delves into the relationship between Peggy and Don as they work on a suitcase advertisement.

One of the most unforgettable moments is when Don and Peggy go to dinner and talk about how Don went to see Peggy in the hospital after she gave birth to her baby. Don cries back at the office when he learns that Anna died. This episode stands out as the characters are connecting emotionally, which doesn’t typically happen.

“White Tulip” (Fringe, S2 E18)


Redditor King_Allant loves the “White Tulip” episode of fringewriting that there is “something intangibly beautiful about the episode that I can’t really put my finger on.”

The episode focuses on Walter writing Peter an important letter, and the episode has some interesting backstory and a pitch perfect ending. It flawlessly deals with the show’s themes of science and religion.

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