10 Best TV Drama Characters, According To Reddit

While the most popular TV dramas have a solid ensemble of interesting characters who make mistakes and do the right thing in equal measure, there are some people who stand out the most. Whether likable and easy to root for or anti heroes who still have compassion, these characters are the heart and soul of their shows, which would be very different without them.

From a fan favorite character from The Wire to characters on more light-hearted dramas, Reddit fans are sharing their picks for the most compelling people on TV series whose journeys are as complex as they are.


10 Walter White (Breaking Bad)

Every episode of Breaking Bad is shocking and Walter White is at the heart of it all. Redditor DrDagless praised Walter’s character, writing the show makes sure that viewers are “caring for this that seemingly decent human being before slowly twisting him beyond all recognition into someone truly despicable.”

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Walter’s initial reason to sell drugs is his cancer diagnosis, and he does everything for his family. It’s true that by the series finale, he has done some unimaginable things.

9 C.J. Cregg (The West Wing)

In a thread about the most compelling TV characters, Redditor favorite_person praised all of The West Wing characters, noting “I love CJ Cregg the most, though.”

CJ Cregg’s best The West Wing quotes are as funny as they are wise. The White House Press Secretary and President Bartlet’s Chief of Staff is never without a strong and thoughtful opinion and cares about doing her job well. CJ feels things deeply, which makes her relatable.

8 Omar Little (The Wire)

In a thread about favorite TV drama characters, Redditor JJam74 said “Omar Little” from The Wire is one of the best.

Omar plays a unique role on the series as a stick-up man robbing people who deal drugs, and he’s always in danger. By the time that Omar is killed in season 5, fans know him as someone who takes his relationships seriously. Omar doesn’t just go after anyone and says “A man got to have a code.”

7 Buffy Summers (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

From her love story with Angel to carrying on her legacy of fighting vampires, Buffy Summers and her courage are the core of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. One Redditor considers Buffy to be one of the greatest TV drama characters, writing that she “personified all the struggles of normal teenagers in the late 90’s” like “prom, dating, vampires, drinking, schoolwork…”

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Buffy has many layers, as she wants to make friends, date, and have a great time in high school while realizing that the fate of the world rests on her shoulders. As Buffy gets older, she makes tougher and tougher decisions and sacrifices, showing her strength and intelligence.

6 Cristina Yang (Grey’s Anatomy)

When it comes to the best character on a TV drama, Redditor immamouseduh posted about “Christina Yang” from Grey’s Anatomy.

Through Cristina’s best Grey’s Anatomy episodes, Cristina shows her many layers and her desire to excel in her field. Cristina never minces words or gives up her dreams, and she has quite the journey on the series, from almost getting married to her long-term relationship with Owen Hunt and the many moments when she proves her talents in the OR

5 Tony Soprano (The Sopranos)

with The Sopranos being considered one of the most compelling TV dramas of all time, it makes sense that Tony Soprano would be considered a stand-out character, too. Redditor -StefanHolm called Tony “The best, most developed and fleshed out character on TV.”

Tony is known as being the first anti hero on TV, as there are so many things about him that are, of course, problematic since he’s running a violent organization. At the same time, Tony cares a lot about his wife Carmela and their children.

4 Burton Guster (Psych)

About eight seasons and three movies, Gus and Shawn Spencer’s psych friendship proves to be one of the most heartfelt on TV. Redditor Bad___Wolf called”Burton Guster from psych“one of the greatest TV characters.

When Shawn wants to pretend to have psychic abilities in order to help solve cases, Gus thinks that it’s a bad idea, and throughout the series, Gus is the practical and logical voice of reason. Gus’s intelligence, charm, and kindness are an important part of the show.

3 Eli Gold (The Good Wife)

While every main character on The Good Wife is strong and compelling in their own way, Eli Gold stands out. Redditor urgasmic called Eli “Funny, fiercely loyal, and a force to be reckoned with.”

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Whether working on Peter Florrick’s campaign or being there for Alicia, Eli proves that he is as kind as he is tough, although he would never want to admit it. Eli plays the political game every day but it’s clear that he’s an inherently good person.

2 Brienne Of Tarth (Game Of Thrones)

while every Game of Thrones character contributes to the overall story in their own unique way, one Redditor loves Brienne of Tarth the most. The fan wrote, “she has to struggle against the norm a bit more so she has more of that underdog quality”

Brienne of Tarth’s best Game of Thrones quotes show that she’s strong and full of courage. Ever since her introduction in season 2, Brienne stands tall and does what she feels is right.

1 Nora Durst (The Leftovers)

Nora Durst’s storyline in The Leftovers just might be the most heartbreaking. While she’s home one day, her husband and children disappear in the Sudden Departure. Redditor sleepytuesday called Nora “Tragic and fierce and funny.”

Nora’s relationship with Kevin Garney is one of the core plotlines of the show. Nora is a well-crafted, complicated character full of opinions and emotions. While Nora loves Kevin, she never forgets her family, and in the series finale “The Book of Nora,” she becomes part of an experiment because she wants to see them again.

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