10 Best Paranormal TV Shows To Watch On Discovery +

With the new release of Ghost Adventures: House Calls, which wrapped up its first season in June, the paranormal genre has taken television and streaming platforms by storm. from Ghost Hunters to Expedition X, fans love to tune in to watch the unique investigations that strive to prove there are truly paranormal phenomena. These shows are filled with dark history stories, spooky content, and unexplainable happenings.

Discovery+ is home to one of the widest variety of paranormal shows available to stream. These shows are 10 of the best shows fans should stream right now, and whether fans want ghosts, Bigfoot, or aliens, Discovery+ has them all.


Ghost Adventures (2008 – )

With each episode tackling its own paranormal case, investigators Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin visit various haunted locations. The team explains the horrific history and firsthand accounts of events that have taken place there. As they explore, they conduct a series of investigations to prove the existence of ghost activity.

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If the unique locations and history weren’t enough to watch this show, the truly terrifying footage they capture sure is. Eerie footage of unexplained events happening and ESP voice captures will keep fans up all night trembling with fear. The scary parts aren’t enough, the humorous freak-out reactions from the cast will surely give fans a good laugh.

Ghost Adventures: House Calls (2022 – )

Ghost Adventures: House Calls’ best episodes cover a number of compelling paranormal cases. Once again, the team gets together to explore and check out people’s homes. By conducting a series of investigations, they try to find proof that the homes are really haunted.

Things get a little more personal in this show than in the original series. Viewers get a glimpse at hauntings that take place in the homes of everyday people. The disturbing evidence of unexplained figures and voices will give fans the creeps and make them second guess the noises they hear in their own homes. And the evidence they find isn’t where the draw of the show stops. As the investigation goes on, the unsettling truth of the home and family unravels, keeping the viewers engaged with every detail.

The Dead Files (2011 – )

The Dead Files takes a different approach to paranormal investigating. Steve ( a retired detective) and Amy (a psychic medium) work as a team but individually investigate haunted locations with a rich criminal history. At the end of the investigation, they meet up and compare notes.

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The new spin on this paranormal show will keep viewers intrigued. As Steve and Amy investigate the locations separately, they each discover incredible yet, nail-biting evidence of ghosts. What they uncover is guaranteed to give viewers nightmares and the compelling and similar details they find in each case are absolutely baffling.

The Haunted Museum (2021 – )

It’s safe to say that Zak Bagans is a big player in the paranormal genre. However, instead of teaming up with his usual crew, he teams up with filmmaker Eli Roth to run a museum filled with haunted artifacts. From the Dybbuk Box to Charles Manson’s TV, people bring in items that are believed to be haunted so Zak can investigate them.

Fans will be beyond intrigued to see the items brought to the museum and will love to learn about the stories and history behind them. The seemingly ordinary items will leave fans second-guessing their own treasures.

Paranormal Caught On Camera (2019 – )

Paranormal Caught On Camera is a show that any paranormal fan would love. It brings firsthand encounters from people who believe to have caught real evidence of the paranormal on tape. The footage is then analyzed by experts in the field as they break down what was really encountered and debunk the evidence.

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Sure to give viewers a true fright, the series shows terrifying footage caught by ordinary people. Viewers will witness video clips of unexplainable figures, noises, and even moving objects. If seeing the footage isn’t enough to creep out viewers, the chilling tales that go along with each clip will be. The unreal horror in these clips is sure to make a believer out of the biggest skeptics.

Expedition X (2020 – )

From ghosts to the Mothman and even aliens, viewers can bet this team will investigate it. Expedition X follows adventurer Josh Gates, scientist Phil Torres, and paranormal researcher Jessica Chobot as they investigate the unknown.

Fans will get enjoyment out of this team as Jessica, the firm believer in the paranormal, and Phil, the skeptic, team up to investigate the unknown. The dark tales of the unexplained will keep viewers intrigued and curious to find out what the team finds. Creepy and unexplained evidence is captured on tape and will frighten viewers. The humorous debates on whether the evidence is paranormal or scientific are sure to give fans a good laugh.

Roswell: The Final Verdict (2021 – )

Roswell is a town in New Mexico that is notorious for being the site of an alleged UFO crash in 1947. Due to the firsthand accounts and claims of this event, it has undoubtedly become the biggest legend surrounding aliens. Using modern techniques to investigate the event, artificial intelligence software experts dive into the evidence to determine its truth.

Fans will love the alien slant of this paranormal show. Already curious and torn about whether aliens exist, viewers will hang on to every episode as experts sort fact from fiction. The evidence that is presented is frightening and will give viewers a bit of a shock. One of the most detailed shows on aliens, this is worth the watch.

Ghost Hunters (2004 – )

Ghost Hunters introduced authentic ghost hunting to the paranormal genre. Back and better than ever for a reboot, viewers follow one of the TAPS’ original members, Grant Wilson, and his new team. With the help of the newest technology, historians, and forensic experts, the team investigates locations all over the country to find proof of hauntings.

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As a classic in the paranormal genre, fans will love the new take on the old show that brings back old members, introduces new ones, and uses new equipment and techniques. Grant even brings in his daughter to join the investigations and fans are loving the family aspect brought to the show. Those looking for a good fright should watch this show to see the evidence they uncover.

Scream: The True Story (2022)

Follow the duo of paranormal investigator, Steve Shippy, and psychic medium, Cindy Kaza, as they unravel the true events behind the Hollywood hit scary movie, scream. They investigate the Danny Rolling (The Gainesville Ripper) case and discover the gruesome facts that inspired the movie. Investigating his favorite spot in the woods, they try to determine if the crimes he committed were encouraged by a much more sinister force.

Fans will be intrigued to find out the details behind this huge Hollywood success. The unnerving details and deep dive into a more sinister truth will give viewers a scare that they will remember, and watching the similarities between the case and the movie is gut-wrenching and gruesome.

The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch (2020 – )

This show tells the terrifying and unusual tale of Skinwalker Ranch. Since the 1950s, many odd and strange events have happened there earning its nickname “UFO Alley.” A group of scientists uses innovative technology to conduct paranormal research and get answers.

Unnerving and true footage and details will disturb viewers and frightening details of the UFO, unknown creatures, and ghostly sightings could leave anyone with nightmares. Intriguing evidence and findings are unveiled but it all leaves fans with more questions than answers. This is a must-watch for fans who are intrigued by the paranormal.

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