10 Best Netflix Original Action Movies, Ranked According To Rotten Tomatoes

With the release of Joe and Anthony Russo’s new spy movie The Gray Man, Netflix subscribers may find themselves in the mood for other action movies to whet their appetite for a thrilling spectacle. As arguably the biggest name in streaming entertainment, the streaming service has amassed a huge library of original films since it began producing its own in 2015.

While the streaming service’s overall track record may be mixed, its best movies are just as impressive as anything you can see in the theatre. Fortunately, they need only check Rotten Tomatoes to get any ideas of which action-packed offerings should be at the top of their queue. Note, these movies had to have at least 20 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes to qualify.


Kate (2021) – 45%

The story of an assassin out for revenge after finding that she’s been poisoned and only has a day to live, Kate treads familiar territory, which may explain its less-than-stellar critical reception. Still, a movie starring a talented actress like Mary Elizabeth Winstead is at least worth giving a chance.

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Sure enough, even those most critical of Kate readily admit that Winstead gives a solid performance, and the movie has impressively bloody action that gives it an extra edge. It is for these reasons that the film has some notable defenders, including Richard Roeper.

Black Crab (2022) – 52%

A Swedish import starring Noomi Rapace, black crab is a post-apocalyptic film that follows a group of soldiers on a mission to deliver a package across an ice-covered landscape. Critics were split down the middle, and there are plenty of movies like Black Crabbut it still has some good tension to offer fans of the genre.

While the movie’s plot is fairly derivative, it does have some selling points, including a likable lead character and some genuinely suspenseful sequences. The fact that the heroes are speed skaters gives the action a unique spin, and the wintery nordic setting is appropriate for depicting the film’s grim future.

The Gray Man is not the Russo brothers’ first outing for Netflix, with the duo having written and produced Extraction when they were fresh off Avengers: Endgame. The story of a mercenary being double-crossed on a mission treads familiar ground, but Chris Hemsworth’s performance and direction by stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave are definite points in its favor.

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While reviews were mixed, Extraction was a success with audiences, who made it Netflix’s most watched original film at the time, with nearly 100 million households giving it a watch in its first four weeks of release. A sequel is currently in development, so fans may have a new flagship franchise to look forward to.

Triple Frontier (2019) – 70%

Triple Frontier was a film nearly a decade in the making, going through numerous cast changes and lags in production before JC Chandor (A Most Violent Year) brought it to fruition. The movie may not have been as successful as Netflix hoped, but it received generally positive reviews, mainly centered around the great ensemble cast led by Oscar Isaac in anti-heroic form.

A heist film with a surprising amount of ambition, Triple Frontier follows a team of ex-Delta Force operators who steal $75 million from a Colombian cartel and have to survive in the harsh Andean mountains after their escape goes wrong. It’s not a perfect movie, but the cast is terrific and the suspense is on point.

Hold The Dark (2018) – 71%

One of the most interesting filmmakers to hit it big in the 2010s is Jeremy Saulnier, who earned widespread acclaim helming dark thrillers like Blue Ruin and Green Room. His Netflix debut, Hold the Darkmay not have reached the massive heights set by its predecessors, but it still packs of punch for fans of more esoteric fare.

The film takes place in rural Alaska, a perfect setting for its grim and gritty story of a writer who gets sucked into solving the mysterious disappearance of a little boy. The cast, filled out by the likes of Jeffrey Wright, Riley Keough, and James Badge Dale, does good work in the movie, but the standout is Alexander Skarsgård as a villainous father on the warpath.

Blood Red Sky (2021) – 80%

Horror is a genre in which Netflix often excels, from series like The Haunting of Hill House to a plethora of excellent films. Blood Red Sky is one of the company’s more actionized horror offerings and it’s a British-German co-production in which terrorists who hijack a plane get more than they bargained for when one of the passengers turns out to be a vampire.

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While the “Die Hard on a X” setup is nothing new, even having been done on a plane before, the film’s John McClane stand-in Nadja being a vampire gives the a unique spin. It’s also more of a slow-burn than many viewers might expect, taking time to build suspense before exploding into an all-out action film.

The Old Guard (2020) – 80%

Like some of their major studio counterparts, Netflix has tried its hand at superhero movies before, and The Old Guard is generally considered its best one yet. Based on Greg Rucka’s comic book of the same name, the movie was praised by both critics and fans as one of the best action movies of 2020, indicated by The Old Guard receiving the highest Metacritic score of any Netflix original action movie.

The Old Guard certainly has fun action sequences, but what helps it stand out from the crowd are the character dynamics, particularly between Nile (KiKi Layne) and Andy (Charlize Theron). Their master/apprentice relationship gives the movie a lot of heart, and Andy in particular is a fascinating character whose backstory could fill a whole series of films on its own.

Okja (2017) – 86%

South Korea has become a pop cultural hub in recent years, and one of its greatest authors is Bong Joon-ho, whose work in such films as The Host, snow piercerand especially parasite has earned him great international acclaim. okwhile not his most well-known film, was no disappointment, getting rave reviews for combining fun adventure with biting social commentary.

Like all of Bong’s movies, the movie has a lot to say, with its seemingly innocent premise of a girl and her pig-like creature named Okja leading to a satirical sci-fi story about the meat industry, animal rights, and eco-terrorism . Thankfully, the message does not overwhelm the movie, but nicely augments the story by giving viewers some food for thought.

Wheelman (2017) – 88%

Frank Grillo is one of the most underrated current action stars – a performer who always finds a way to impress with his action chops and cool demeanor. He’s a bright spot even in bad movies, so when a great one like wheelman comes along, fans of old-school action are in for a real treat.

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wheelman follows the titular getaway driver on the hunt for a double-crosser after a heist goes horribly wrong. Much of the film is a one-man show for Grillo, creating a claustrophobic atmosphere that’s great for building tension, and the bursts of action are a great complement to the lean but effective plot.

The Night Comes For Us (2018) – 91%

Fans of Gareth Evans’ The Raid duology may not have gotten the once-promised third film, but The Night Comes for Us is the next best thing. The blood-soaked tale of an enforcer for a crime syndicate who betrays his employers to protect an innocent girl, the film is an Indonesian action flick that ups the ante set by The Raid movies to give fans an unforgettable experience.

The movie reunites some of Indonesia’s great action heroes, with Joe Taslim headlining as protagonist Ito and Iko Uwais playing against type as a villain in one of his best martial arts movies. While the film’s gory violence may have turned some off, it certainly leaves an impact, especially for fans who like their action with grit and grime.

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