10 Best Movies & TV Shows Like Netflix’s Keep Breathing

Netflix’s newest limited series, keep breathing, premiered on July 28th and it is packed with internal struggles and unpredictable elements that the main character, Liv, can’t seem to surpass. She also struggles with her past traumas in order to help her survive her predicament.

There’s a reason many people enjoy movies and television shows with this premise, it always catches viewers’ attention and provides enough drama-filled moments that have everyone rooting for the protagonist in their fight for survival. Luckily, there are many similar TV shows and movies to choose from.


Lost (2004 – 2010)

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lost was once one of the most popular shows and for good reason. It takes place after a plane crash, which is similar to Keep Breathing. The remaining survivors are forced to live on a remote island that is more than what it seems.

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fans of lost were able to find comfort in learning more about the characters through a series of flashbacks that eventually told the story of how these people that seem to have nothing in common, connect. It’s a great series to watch after Keep Breathing because it has similar themes of love, life, and survival through a series of flashbacks like the main character, Liv, goes through.

The Shallows (2016)

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Blake Lively stars as the medical student, Nancy, who finds herself stranded in the middle of the ocean trying her best to survive and take down a killer shark that seems to be surrounding her.

Viewers of Keep Breathing will enjoy The Shallows because it also stars a strong female protagonist that must fight for her life in order to survive. Most of the scenes take place in the same location, yet there are many events happening that seem all too real. It’s action packed and filled with unforgettable suspenseful moments that pull in the viewer for the entirety of the film. It is undoubtedly one of the best shark movies and yet it has nothing to do with Jaws.

The Wilds (2020 – 2022)

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The Wilds is a teen drama about a group of misfit girls that survive a plane crash and must adapt to new life on a deserted island. However, things are not what they seem when it’s revealed that they are being watched and really a part of a social experiment.

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These shows are similar because they both focus on the inner struggles that come along with trying to survive in the wilderness. The ability to explore each character is important in both shows and shows a good insight into their minds and what they’ve been through, helping the viewers understand why they are the way they are and how they got there.

The Mountain Between Us (2017)

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The Mountain Between Us tells the story of two strangers who survive a tragic plane crash and are forced to rely on one another in the harsh wilderness during the winter.

This film highlights how difficult and taxing it can be to be stranded alone in the wilderness, as seen in Keep Breathing, and it’s arguably one of the best films about taking on the wild. The two main characters deal with many life-threatening moments and must deal with the weather that always seems to be against them. It also features a love story that is comforting to fans.

Wild (2014)

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After dealing with the death of her mother, a woman decides to embark on an adventure in the wild, despite never having any experience, in order to grow as a person and heal from her past.

The movie has similar themes to Keep Breathing in its handling of childhood trauma and the harsh realities of life that the main characters have lived through. both The Wild and Keep Breathing focus on self-discovery and feature strong-willed main characters who must learn, the hard way, how to survive, exploring the many frustrations they both go through alone. It’s ultimately also one of Reese Witherspoon’s best roles.

Cast Away (2000)

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Cast Away stars Tom Hanks as his character tries to survive living on an island after a plane crash leaves him stranded. It’s possible that Cast Away paved the way for Keep Breathing since it also has themes of the past meeting issues around current survival.

The film is also one of the best films to feature only one actor. The main focus of both Cast Away and Keep Breathing is the main characters and how they’ve learned to adapt alone. However, Chuck in Cast Away deals with the harsh elements for years. In the end, both main characters are forced to be alone and must deal with the heartbreaking truth about what it means to get back home.

127 Hours (2010)

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Based on a true story, a young man is out exploring a canyon in Utah and finds himself stuck in a rock crevasse, forced to survive and needing to get out on his own.

like Keep Breathing, 127 Hours deals with the need for survival while being left alone and it’s up to both of these main characters to make it out alive. It also features similar moments of the lives of the main characters before they were in the situation they are in. This helps the audience understand the characters, even though they are in situations that will define and shape them for years to come.

Jungle (2017)

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This thriller follows three men who embark on a journey through the Amazon jungle. However, things take a turn when the jungle turns on them.

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There are many dark and action-packed moments in this survival film. The audience is drawn in and caught up in the darker moments that the characters go through. The dangers of nature cause them to have to fight for their lives and leads them in different directions, literally. This compares to Keep Breathing in the ways the main characters are forced to adapt and make it through alone.

Survival (2020)

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This series follows a young woman named Jane who survives a plane crash and lands in the deserted mountains. In the short series, Jane is forced to deal with the aftermath of surviving the crash and make it out alive.

Just like Liv, she’s forced to adapt in the harsh climate and they both struggle to believe that they will be rescued. However, Jane isn’t completely alone. that said, Survive still tackles the darker moments in her life and the terrifying consequences of being exposed in the secluded mountains.

scream (2022)

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scream follows a group of teenagers being haunted and attacked by a mysterious masked killer. The movie is a follow up from the other scream films and focuses on new targets after years away.

This film puts Melissa Barrera on the map and highlighted her acting chops. It doesn’t center around one main character in particular and doesn’t feature a plane crash, but it still has enough suspense and action that viewers of Keep Breathing will appreciate, making the two titles similar.

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