10 Best Movies To Watch If You Love ‘Taken’

when Liam Neeson starred in Tasks in 2008, the action movies genre saw a surge, and movie-goers who may have chosen other genres started watching movies of the sort. The action, the family bond, the revenge, and the fights are what kept viewers on the edge of their seats and wanting more. It wasn’t just Neeson’s performance, but the kind of story he was telling.

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before and since Tasks, there have been other movies that keep audiences on their toes with their action, storylines, and performances. from Tasks 2 and 3allowing fans to see what happened to their favorite characters with a possibility of a fourth movie, to John Wickone of Keanu Reeves most loved characters.


‘Tasks 2’ (2012)

Tasks left viewers wanting more, and the sequel didn’t disappoint. Tasks 2 follows the Mills family during their trip to Istanbul. While the first movie had Bryan Mills chasing after the bad guys who had kidnaped his daughter, the second one has him needing to escape kidnapers who caught him and his wife. Kim goes from being the victim to being the one who can help her father and mother come home safe.

Tasks 2 can be streamed on HBO Max and the audience can enjoy the movie while they suffer for Lenore and Bryan. It is the perfect arch for Kim’s character development, allowing Maggie Grace to showcase her acting skills.

‘Tasks 3’ (2014)

the Tasks series allowed Maggie Grace and Famke Janssen to utilize their own special set of skills. Sadly, Janssen’s Tasks journey ends during Tasks 3 as her character is murdered by Stuart’s enemies. Following the revenge plot, Bryan Mills goes on a chase to hunt down the men who killed the woman he loved. While doing so, he has to make sure he is able to protect his pregnant daughter.

Tasks 3 is available to stream on Prime Video, bringing an end to the series (at least for now). Out of all three movies, this is the saddest one as fans have to say goodbye to one of the main characters.

‘The Gray Man’ (2022)

For those who loved Tasks because it was a father trying to protect his family with badass fight scenes, they will love The Gray Man just as much. Although Six does not have a blood-related family, he has created a family of his own in his very dangerous line of work. In the movie, viewers see him fighting against all odds — including a number of armed groups in Prague — to save the niece of the man who hired him. She’s his only family.

The Gray Man is now streaming on Netflix, and people get to see Ryan Gosling fight several bad guys during amazingly lit and colored scenes. It’s also the perfect movie to watch Chris Evans play the villain for a change.

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Rescue missions make for some of the best plot lines in action movies, and so is the case of Extraction. In the movie, a black market mercenary goes on a mission to rescue the kidnaped son of a crime lord. Usually, audiences do not care about crime lords, but the focus in the movie is on the mercenary and the son.

Extraction is available for streaming on Netflix. This movie gave viewers, particularly MCU fans, the opportunity to see Chris Hemsworth as something other than Thor. He could definitely find his place in the action genre after this.

‘John Wick’ (2014)

Keanu Reeves is one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood no matter what he does. Whether he is fighting to save the world in The Matrix or playing Diane Keaton‘s love interest in Something’s Gotta Give, he brings an audience into the theatre. He did so once again when John Wick premiered.

John Wick can be streamed on Prime Video. It tells the story of a former assassin as he hunts down the people who broke into his house, stole his car, and killed the puppy his deceased wife had given him. Fans ended up loving the movie so much that it became a series.

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‘The Bourne Identity’ (2002)

Matt Damon has played many characters throughout his career, from loving family men to action heroes. All of them are great in their own way, but one of the most memorable ones will always be his role in The Bourne Identity. With a set of particular skills, just like Bryan Mills, Jason Bourne sets on a search to find out who he really is and why there are assassins after him.

The Bourne Identity is available on HBO Max. This is the first movie of the series: The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum, The Bourne Legacy in which Jeremy Renner is the main character, and Jason Bourne.

‘The Equalizer’ (2014)

The Equalizer has had several renditions during its cinematic history. One of them will premiere its third season on CBS with Queen Latifah as the equalizer. But the 2014 version had Denzel Washington front and center as an avenging angel helping those who cannot help themselves.

The Equalizer is streaming on Prime Video, following McCall as he comes out of his retirement to help a teenager mistreated by the Russian mob. Just like in Tasksthe main character presents a set of skills that make him the best in the game.

‘Promising Young Woman’ (2020)

For those who loved Tasks because of its revenge plot, Promising Young Woman will be right up their alley. Written and directed by Emerald Fennell, it tells the story of a woman who is on a mission to avenge her friend. Going out with “nice” guys, she ends up taking care of those who try to take advantage of her.

Promising Young Woman, an Oscar frontrunner, can be streamed on HBO Max. Although it might not be the best revenge story because she is killed by the same man who attacked her friend, it is a great eye-opening to how society acts towards women who come forward about their attacks.

‘A Day To Die’ (2022)

The way in which Neeson has been recognized for his role in action movies is the same way in which Bruce Willis‘s career has been. He has been in many action movies including Die Hard and red. In A Day To Die he brings his action skills to the screen once more.

A Day To Die is available on Hulu. The movie follows an ex-military ops officer who has to pay $2million dollars in repairs in 24 hours. Brooke Butler, Leon Robinsonand Kevin Dillon join Willis’s newest adventure.

‘Nobody’ (2021)

In TasksMills has to rescue his daughter while in nobody Hutch Mansell has to save his wife and son. After a break-in, Mansell’s rage comes to the surface and viewers see him fight with his fists and with guns. Car chases and fight scenes make this movie a top-tier contender in the action genre.

nobody streams on HBO Max with Bob Odenkirk in the middle of the action. like Tasksit will give you a family man trying to save his family, great fight scenes, chase scenes, and a particular set of skills that would impress anyone.

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