10 Best Movies About Assassins, According To Reddit

Movies about contract killers are always high on entertainment value and at the moment, yet another one is performing well at the box office. Directly by Michael Mann, bullet train sees Ladybug (Brad Pitt) fight off other assassins inside a bullet train from Tokyo as he tries to collect a briefcase.

Audiences who’ve already sat through the movie’s 126-minute running time might be looking for similar offerings. Well, hundreds of entertaining assassin movies have been made over the last few decades but according to Reddit, only a select few can be considered iconic in the genre.


10 Gross Point Blank (1997)

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Stringerfreak thinks the John Cusack movie is “f***g brilliant, and so many people aren’t even aware that it exists.” In the movie, assassin Martin Blank is tasked with killing a federal witness while attending his high school reunion in Detroit.

Grosse Point Blank works because Martin isn’t the stereotypical hard-boiled assassin. He is more of an ordinary guy who makes audiences cross their fingers as he risks botching the assignment because he is more focused on rekindling the love he shared with his high school sweetheart. There are plenty of moving parts too to satisfy fans of different genres. Espionage themes pop up when NSA agents start to track Martin and there’s full-blown action when another assassin tries to kill him. By the end of it all, audiences are left satisfied.

9 Collateral (2004)

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One of the best Michael Mann movies, the tension-packed Collateral revolves around Max, a cab driver who goes into panic mode after realizing his passenger is a contract killer. Vespertilioneme says “that’s a classic one, especially the conversations between Tom Cruise’s character and the driver in the movie.”

By casting Cruise as a villain, Mann makes audiences curious to see how well an actor known for playing protagonists will fair. And he’s more than outstanding. Among the appealing things about the movie is that it discards the overused template of assassins tormenting their intended victims. Instead, it’s an innocent driver that has to deal with the horrors. And Jamie Foxx sure does a great job of bringing out the cab driver’s panic and franticness. As a bonus, there’s a surprise cameo.

8 13 Assassins (2010)

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A group of samurais plots to murder Lord Matsudaira Naritsugu, the ruthless leader of the Akashi clan. Tigermeltz confesses, “the payoff for this movie was the most I’ve cheered at the screen.”

With a final battle sequence that runs for a whopping 45 minutes, 13 Assassins does more than enough to satisfy genre fans. The neatly done action choreography is undoubtedly the movie’s biggest strength. And even while serving audiences huge doses of violence, the Takashi Miike masterpiece doesn’t stray from the solid story it’s trying to tell.

7 Road To Perdition (2002)

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A mob hitman and his son go on the run as they plot revenge against a crime boss who murdered the rest of the family. MeatwadIsGod feels it has “beautiful cinematography, an amazing score, and just a great father-and-son story.

Thanks to great direction by Sam Mendes, it doesn’t take much for Road To Perdition to become a masterpiece. Magnificent sets and perfect production designs aside, the movie is carried by its two leads, notably Paul Newman, whose character is highly supportive of his father’s mission. Thanks to his great performance, he became one of the actors to be nominated for an Oscar for their first role.

6 The Mechanic (2011)

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Assassin Arthur Bishop vows to get revenge when his mentor gets killed. While at it, he teaches his son about his trade. Darklordmo simply refers to it as “a really solid movie.”

There are always debates about which is better between the original and the Jason Statham remake, but Redditors have settled for the latter. That’s hardly surprising since it isn’t a slow burn. And it has a very likable hitman too, who goes the extra mile to make his kills look like accidents. Action thriller clichés are plenty in the movie but with Jason Statham as the lead, nothing feels off.

5 Day Of The Jackal (1973)

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Security agencies are put on high alert when a mysterious killer known as the Jackal makes plans to kill French President Charles DeGaulle. Half-centurion calls it “an old, dated classic but still very watchable.”

As despicable as the antagonist of the movie is, it’s easier to root for him, given the high number of competent people that are trying to stop him. Day Of The Jackal is a clever take on the one-man-army trope as instead of having people constantly shoot at each other, it relies on mind games and sheer tension.

4 The Matador (2005)

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The life of a depressed salesman named Danny changes when he forms an unlikely friendship with a hitman. Cambwah says the movie is good because Pierce Brosnan “owns the role of the aging hitman having a confidence crisis.”

Hitmen are generally depicted as brutal and superhuman to make them cooler so itself refreshing to see one that’s finally developing a sense of morality. Shootouts are traded for comedy, which helps in erasing the melancholy that had spread through the opening minutes after it was revealed that Danny’s child had died.

3 La Femme Nikita (1990)

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A homeless woman who has been framed for murder is given a choice: join an assassin training program or spend the rest of her life behind bars. Redditor enigmatikone calls it “the standard for this type of film.”

The fact that La Femme Nikita is one of the movies with the most remakes (it has been remade three times) is proof of its brilliance. Unlike many other offerings on the list, it places more emphasis on the training process, hence making the protagonist more believable when she finally goes out on the field. Interwoven into the storyline is also a great romance arc.

2 In Bruges (2008)

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Two contract killers get stuck in Belgium after a failed mission. Their boss then asks one of them to kill the other, creating tension between the two. Nightfan feels the dark comedy about assassins “is surprisingly deep.”

In Bruges perfectly blends dark humor and crime thriller elements, resulting in witty dialogue and unforgettable scenes. like bullet train, it sets up something close to a gladiatorial battle by pitting very skilled assassins against each other. And throughout the running time, audiences can’t wait to see who comes out on top.

1 The Assignment (2016)

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Redditor got the low down notes that The Assignment “has some fine action scenes, but it’s more interested in the characters and the themes of losing your identity.” In it, a hitman wakes up to discover that he is now a woman. He thus goes on the hunt for the doctor that performed his reassignment surgery without his consent.

Vengeance plots have played out many times but the formula hardly ever fails to work. The Assignment is more of a guilty pleasure type of movie that overfeeds fans with action scenes and doesn’t try to be clever. And after having played Letty, one of the best fighters in Fast & Furiousfor a long time, Michelle Rodriguez has an easy time in the role.

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