10 Best Horror Movies To Watch Alone, According To Reddit

While horror fans are looking forward to checking out nope and Halloween Ends in theaters, there’s something especially terrifying and fun about watching a scary movie alone at home. Those who love the genre appreciate a story with an eerie setting, with characters in wild situations that they might not make it out of alive.

Reddit fans are sharing the films that someone should pick when they’re by themselves and ready to feel creeped out, from a few classics to more recent stories about eerie motels, creatures in a North Carolina cave, and an adaptation of a popular video game .


Vacancy (2007)

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Amy And David On Bed In Vacancy

The greatest horror movies to watch alone have a location that is immediately eerie and that’s definitely the case in the 2007 film Vacancy. Amy and David Fox have to stay at a motel when their car stops working, and to make matters worse, they’re experiencing tension in their marriage.

Redditor screamingshadows recommended this as a film to watch alone, writing “it was extremely suspenseful with some very tense scenes.” The movie has compelling characters, including Mason, who manages the motel.

Black Christmas (1974)

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Black Christmas 1974 Olivia Hussey as Jess Bradford

Redditor LInternationale posted that “For being home alone, I recommend the original Black Christmas.” There are two remakes and the 1974 film is considered one of the best Canadian horror movies.

The movie has a perfectly creepy location as the main characters are sorority sisters who are celebrating the winter holidays at their house when they get a scary phone call. They then realize that they are being terrorized by a killer. since Black Christmas is an early slasher, it’s interesting to watch it and see how those common storytelling elements began.

Event Horizon (1997)

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Event Horizon movie

Replying in a thread about terrifying films to watch when hanging out at home alone, Redditor -Fapologist- wrote, “Event Horizon is one of my all time favs.”


Event Horizon takes place in the future in 2047 and tells the story of astronauts who try to locate a ship that is near Neptune. The movie is engrossing as audiences hope that the crew is successful. It’s an atmospheric film that would get for horror fans to watch by themselves with no distractions.

The Descent (2006)

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A night vision camera showing a girl and a ghoul in The Descent

The 2006 movie The Descent is about a group of friends who hike North Carolina’s Appalachian Mountains. They’re courageous adventure lovers, and they seem more than capable of handling any tough outdoor activity, which makes the situation that they find themselves in even more haunting.

For Redditor IlliniXC,”The Descent was a pretty good alone in the dark type movie for me the first time I saw it.” It’s tough not to feel afraid when watching the characters come across creatures named crawlers.

Sinister (2012)

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Ethan Hawke in Sinister

Redditor Chiefontour suggested “Sinister” as a great movie to watch alone and Redditor AL3XCAL1BUR added, “Those films are creepy.” The 2012 film features a family moving into the most intensely haunted home that they possibly could.

There are many scary scenes in Sinister as Ellison Oswalt begins living in a house where a family was once brutally murdered. A true crime writer, Ellison is fascinated and begins to do more research, realizing that his own family is in grave danger and that they might not make it out of this house alive.

The Sixth Sense (1999)

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Redditor maywellflower recommended”The Sixth Sense” for a solo movie night, which is a great idea since many fans of the genre consider this to be an absolutely chilling story.

Watching Cole Sear share his gift for seeing ghosts with Dr. Malcolm Crowe is just as endearing as it is unnerving. The characters really shine in this movie, as they talk about topics like the supernatural and grief.

The Shining (1980)

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Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance in the Shining

The Shining holds up and there’s always something new to appreciate about it. The story of writer Jack Torrance staying at the Overlook Hotel with his family doesn’t get tired, as there are so many elements that fans of the genre can pick out.

Redditor Berdahl88 wrote, “I like watching The Shining alone in the dark.” This would definitely make the viewing experience even better. It’s also fair to say that The Shining has one of the most beloved and recognizable horror settings, as audiences like how just looking at the exterior of the hotel is enough to send a shiver down someone’s spine.

It (1990)

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Pennywise holds balloons in It

While 2017’s it is a fairly solid movie based on a Stephen King novel, Redditor fourthwallcrisis recommended the two-part ’90s miniseries for a movie night at home. The fan wrote, “The way Tim Curry breaks the fourth wall and seems to be threatening us, the viewer, is still one of my favorite bits of cinema.”

Tim Curry’s Pennywise has a memorable and eerie grin that is hard not to shiver at, making this a good pick when no one else is around. It’s the kind of story that would feel even scarier when home alone thanks to this classic villain.

Silent Hill (2006)

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Silent Hill Movie

Silent Hill influenced other video games, and when replying in a thread about scary films for a night at home, Redditor Lestat_24 suggested “Silent Hill,“which is based on the 1999 game.

When Christopher and Rose De Silva see that their child Sharon is sleepwalking, they think that it might be a good idea to go to Silent Hill, a creepy town that Sharon has also been dreaming about. Right away, Sharon disappears, kicking off an intriguing story.

It Follows (2015)

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It Follows - Yara Form

redditor eating class said It Follows “would be my rec” for a chilling movie to watch when there’s nobody else home.

As Jay Height learns what is happening to her and that she has to sleep with someone to pass the curse along, it’s impossible not to become heavily invested in whether she will be successful. The movie is clever and exciting, with a plot that never stops moving.

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