10 Best Horror Movies About Games, According To Reddit

In real life, games are always fun, and whether someone loves Scrabble, Wordle or Cards Against Humanity, they’re a great way to pass the time alone or in a group. In the horror genre, games are a much bigger deal, and winning can mean surviving instead of being killed by a horrible villain or magical element.

From hide and seek played on a wedding night to a film that focuses on the age-old game truth or dare, Redditors are sharing their recommendations for scary movies that focus on playing deadly and terrifying games.

You’re Next (2011)

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Sharni Vinson wields an ax in You're Next.

One Redditor suggested”You’re Next” and while it’s not a film about a traditional game, it does feature villains who are playing with and manipulating the other characters. Erin and her boyfriend Crispin Davison go to a family event and there are intruders there who have animal masks on.


You’re Next has a huge twist and Erin isn’t who audiences originally believe that she is, which proves that some of the most interesting horror movies are about characters who have unexpected backstories and motivations.

Truth Or Dare (2018)

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Lucy Hale in Truth to Dare movie

When replying in a thread about horror movies focusing on characters playing awful games, Redditor jir9493 said “truth or dare was okay.” While not one of the best Blumhouse horror movies, truth or dare does a decent job of showing how this type of game can become threatening.

When Olivia Barron goes to Mexico with her friends, they become involved in a vicious version of truth or dare. If the characters don’t listen to the rules, they won’t make it out alive. The only way to survive is to force others to play.

Stay Alive (2006)

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Man in a scary mask in Stay Alive

There are some great horror movies about video games and Redditor Etherealmoeba recommended Stay Alive. The fan wrote,”It’s definitely a b-movie, but I remember it scaring me when I was younger.”

When several characters play the game Stay Alive and then are murdered, it becomes clear that this will likely happen to everyone who is involved. The main characters Abigail and Hutch become friendly and team up to solve the gruesome mystery.

Saw (2004)

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Shawnee Smith In Saw 2004

saw has a twist ending and fans love dissecting this 2004 movie, as there are some compelling signs about what was going to happen. Redditor glados817 posted that saw and its sequel are “phenomenal ‘survival game movies’ as well as horror thrillers.”

Jigsaw is such an awful villain because he plays games with the people who he has captured, asking them just how much they want to live. The franchise is so popular because that is a truly haunting premise.

Funny Games (2007)

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Redditor Sevvie82 said “funny Games” is a good pick for a scary film about people playing a game. The movie is a dark story about two men invading a lake house and torturing the family who is staying there, expecting to have a nice and relaxing vacation.

The 2007 remake of the 1997 film tells the same story, as Peter and Paul tell George and Ann Farber that they should take a bet on whether they will die before the next day. The movie is known for its artistic style, as the characters talk directly to the audience.

Dead Body (2017)

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The main characters looking scared in the 2017 movie Dead Body

There are several games that lend themselves perfectly to scary films, with hide and seek being a top contender since it involves characters sneaking up on each other and finding dark corners to spend time in. Redditor UFOhMy recommended Dead Bodywriting that it’s “interesting even with it being a little campy. A group of friends play a hide and seek type game.”

A group of nine friends have just graduated and they go to a house in the country to have some fun, and they end up playing this game. The movie has a chilling setting as the characters are in the middle of nowhere and they have to guess who is the killer among them.

cube (1998)

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Cube 1997 movie

cube is a cult classic horror film and replying in a thread about horror movies focusing on games, Redditor fr4gge said “cube is your go to.” It has gotten a reputation in the horror genre for being absolutely unnerving.

In the Canadian movie, five main characters find themselves in small rooms with no clear way out. They start to think about the reason they are there and what it could mean. The premise is absolutely terrifying and the characters become affected by the hopeless situation.

Escape Room (2019)

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Zoey In A Hospital Themed Escape Room

IRL, an escape room is a fun way to pass the time, and it’s a cool challenge to team up with other people and see if guessing the right answer and solving clues is possible.

The 2019 movie Escape Room sees a group of characters being invited to play a game that ends up being more than they bargained for. Redditor Dragon7247 recommended it and said, “That is one of my favorites of all time.” There is someone manipulating all of the characters and the movie is fast-paced and chilling.

Would You Rather (2012)

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Brittany Snow In Would You Rather Movie

One of the best horror movies from the 2010s, Would You Rather tells the story of Iris, who goes to a dinner party that ends up being a dangerous game. Iris wants to find a donor for Raleigh, her brother who has cancer. Redditor cthlutx said that Would You Rather is “Not a bad one at all.”

The game in the film is awful, as the characters have to choose between two outcomes that both involve inflicting pain on someone else. Iris serves as a final girl character as tough and stubborn as many others, knowing that she is in this horrible game so she can help her brother. The ending is definitely one that will stun audiences.

Ready Or Not (2019)

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Grace pulls hide and seek

redditor alana2395 said “Ready or Not? might be a fun one” if horror fans are looking for movies about games. While hide and seek is always a hit at children’s birthday parties, playing this particular game is torture for Grace Le Domas. Grace has just gotten married and learns that her in -laws want to sacrifice her as part of a ritual that she could never have imagined.

The question of whether Grace can play this game is at the heart of the movie, and Grace throws everything that she has into the quest. This is definitely not what anyone expects to do the night of their wedding.

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