10 Best Home Invasion Horror Movies, According To Reddit

There are countless ways to tell a home invasion story, with the 2022 film Shut In about Jessica Nash who gets stuck in a closet in her house with her ex-partner tormenting her. Since these movies feature characters who are trapped, whether at their house in the city or they’re away for a weekend in the country, the feeling of terror and isolation remains the same.

Over the past few decades, there have been many excellent horror films focusing on intruders, and Redditors have discussed their favorite ones. Some of these movies have fascinating plot twists that make them even better.


The Dark Hours (2005)

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One Redditor Recommended”The Dark Hours,” adding that the 2015 film is “a decent low-budget Canadian one, also a twist on the subgenre.” A psychiatrist named Dr. Samantha Goodman spends a week away with Melody, her sister, and David, her husband.

One of Sam’s patients, Harlan Pyne, shows up unexpectedly, and the games that he forces on Samantha and her family make this one of the best Canadian horror movies. The Dark Hours has a really eerie plot and the country setting makes it even worse since there’s no easy way to escape. It’s clear that Samantha regrets going on this trip.

Shut In (2016)

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Shut In, also known as Intruders, also tells the story of a psychiatrist who has patients with heartbreaking situations. Mary Portman lives in a house that is far from any people or conveniences, and she is attacked while alone. One Redditor called the movie “pretty great” and said that the film has an “Interesting twist on it.”

The fact that an ice storm is about to happen contributes to the movie’s creep factor, and Mary is a sympathetic character who is an unexpected and gruesome situation. Mary is such a kind and compassionate person who wants to help others, and it’s emotional watching her get trapped at home by attackers.

Better Watch Out (2016)

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Better Watch Out is a favorite among horror fans because the first half of the movie suggests a certain kind of story and then things completely change. Redditor mollymulkins said it’s “kind of a home invasion movie but with a twist.”

Ashley is babysitting Luke and they, along with the audience, assume that a stranger has made their way into the house. Better Watch Out is one of the most intelligent and surprising horror films, and the fact that it’s Christmastime makes it even scarier since a home invasion is the last thing that anyone is thinking about.

The Perfect Host (2010)

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For Redditor Michael Myers Fan Club, The Perfect Host is an excellent example of this subgenre. The fan called it “sort of a reverse home invasion movie. David Hyde Pierce is fantastic in this one and plays completely against type.”

Warwick Wilson is having friends over for dinner, and John Taylor, who has just committed a crime, breaks into the house. The movie goes in a direction audiences wouldn’t expect. Since fans are used to seeing Hyde Pierce play Niles and say hilarious Frasier quotes, the movie is even more fun.

Panic Room (2002)

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Redditor agust012590 recommended Panic Room, noting the “really well done characters both heroes and villains.” It’s enjoyable watching Kristen Stewart in one of her early roles, along with the always talented Jodie Foster. While sometimes it can be really boring to watch a movie that has only one location, this setting is totally effective.

While many houses have panic rooms, it’s hard to imagine actually having to use one. When three strangers make their way into their house in New York City, Meg and Sarah Atlman hide in their panic room. It’s fascinating to watch a mother and daughter character both act as final girl characters who have both inner and physical strength.

The Strangers (2008)

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redditor wdavidson51 said “The Strangers” is a great scary movie about a home invasion. Kristen McKay and her boyfriend James Hoyt think that they’re going to spend a terrible night at a country house before likely breaking up, but then intruders show up wearing masks and ready to hurt them .

For many horror fans, The Strangers is the golden standard of this subgenre, showing how to create tension and proving that a movie can be fairly slow paced but still be absolutely horrifying. The main characters may try to fight for survival, but it’s hard to believe that they really have a chance here, giving the film a brutal tone free of hope.

The Babysitter (2017)

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Redditor Shparks97 asked “Would The Babysitter on Netflix count as a home invasion movie with a twist?” and it definitely seems to fit the subgenre since Cole is just trying to have a regular evening at his house. Bee is a memorable movie babysitter and her friend and fellow cult member Allison want to use Cole in their ritual.

Cole’s evening turns harrowing and dark as he has to save himself. Cole may not even be in high school yet, but he’s incredibly smart and uses his perception and logic to figure out how to get away.

Inside (2007)

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Redditor Backpacker Lee suggested insidewriting “Amazing Christmas-themed (loosely) French home invasion, where the plot is that the intruder wants the victim’s baby – which hasn’t been born yet…”

This is an absolutely terrifying premise, and Sarah Scarangella is a well-drawn character who is grieving her husband’s death while also preparing for parenthood. If horror fans want a home invasion movie that is on the darker side and has an unexpected ending, this is it.

Funny Games (1997)

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While there is a 2007 remake that is well-done, the original funny Games movie from 1997 is also worth watching. One Redditor posted that they “really enjoyed the original funny Games.”

A home invasion movie where the main characters know the intruders is scary, but it’s even more alarming if strangers show up and begin attacking. Anna and Georg Schober, along with Georgie, their child, are spending time at their summer home in Austria when Peter and Paul arrive, ready to torture them. The movie can be tough to watch at times as it’s really grim.

The People Under The Stairs (1991)

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Wes Craven’s The People Under The Stairs was released in 1991 and Redditor wwkurtrusseldo recommended the movie, noting that the characters “are still technically invading a home” and called it a “good movie.”

The movie follows the main character, a child named Fool Williams, who lives in a home owned by the Robesons. He finds out that, as the title suggests, there are kids who stay underneath the staircase and they are cannibals. This is definitely creepier than the average home invasion movie, making it stand out.

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