10 Best Creature Survival Movies to Prepare for ‘Beast’

beast is a new and upcoming movie starring Idris Elba about a family that travels to a nature reserve in South Africa. However, sightseeing swiftly becomes fright-seeing as the family struggles to survive whilst being stalked by a bloodthirsty lion. The film looks to be a thrilling adventure and welcoming addition to the creature survival genre.

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Creature films are always exciting and action-packed, and made more thrilling by the awesome animals our protagonists come up against. With the upcoming release of Beast, be sure to check out these other films in which characters fight for their lives against all sorts of monstrous creatures, including dinosaurs, aliens…and even more lions.


‘Roar’ (1981)

roar tells the absolutely wild story of an American family who begins to be attacked by various species of untamed large cats including lions and tigers, in their nature-reserve-like home in Africa. There are dozens of actual untrained big cats that are constantly running around within the film and causing actual danger to the cast and crew.

The film is absolutely bonkers, as the film crosses a weird line of being a scripted film but also an improvised mess due to the absolute havoc caused by the animals. The story behind the film is as fascinating as it is deranged. There were an estimated 70 people got injured during the film’s production as a result of the attacks of these animals. The natural wonder, as well as shock that comes from the film, is all the wacky situations that come from the animals as well as wondering if the cast’s expression of fear is genuine, or just acting.

‘Rogue’ (2007)

rogue tells the story of a group of tourists that get trapped on an island when they accidentally stumble into the territory of a ginormous crocodile. The stakes get higher and higher as the tide and darkness arise and cause the croc to close in on its prey.

The film feels like a fresh take on the typical ‘creature survival’ aesthetic, especially within a genre loaded with a bunch of B-Grade films that rely entirely on the creature to market the film’s success. Unlike similar films within the genre, Rogue manages to use its setting and character’s in combination with the creature to create a good version of what is mostly seen as a generic story.

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‘The Host’ (2006)

Bong Joon Ho‘s The Host is a surprisingly layered film within the ‘creature feature’ genre. It follows a poor family living in a riverside town in South Korea that gets terrorized by a giant nautical creature that ascends from the highly waste-infested water.

The film is a highly thrilling creature flick, with one of the most unique creature designs in any monster movie ever made. And with all that, the film still stays true to Bong’s style by conveying some great social commentary about class differences, and the damage pollution causes to both the environment and human beings as a whole. The monster in the film essentially represents how human beings directly harm themselves by their awful means of waste but suggests how the lower class is the first in line to suffer from this damage.

‘The Ghost and the Darkness’ (1996)

The Ghost and the Darkness stars Michael Douglas and Val Kilmer in a story about a pair of lions that cause havoc on a railway work site in East Africa. After the lions start to kill people, a hunter (Michael Douglas) is called in to attempt to fix the problem.

Similar to Beast, this film is set in Africa and follows the survival of a small group of characters as they are hunted down by lions. Although the film doesn’t hit all the marks of a great movie, it’s still a fun 90s action flick that fans of creature films will certainly enjoy.

Jurassic Park (1993)

Jurassic Park truly has it all in terms of a great action-packed survival film. It has a great setting, memorable and charming characters, and of course, DINOSAURS! The film follows a small group of specialists who visit the enthralling park, but when a system malfunction occurs, the crew finds themselves fighting for their lives as they have to escape from the dinosaurs that have broken free from their enclosures.

The truly amazing VFX work is what really makes this film so special. The fact that the dinosaurs feel so alive makes us believe that they truly are a genuine threat to the characters. This film has so many iconic, thrilling, and even terrifying sequences involving the infamous creatures that will have you trembling in fear in hopes that the characters make it out alive.

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‘Cujo’ (1983)

cujo is a very simple, yet effective film about a dog that contracts rabies and begins to terrorize the locals of a small American town. The film is based on a novel by acclaimed horror writer Stephen King, and the author is even a fan of the movie himself.

It’s a very grounded film within this kind of genre and doesn’t really do anything over the top, but choosing a dog as the primary antagonist puts a fun spin by making man’s best friend a frightening foe.

‘King Kong’ (2005)

King Kong tells the story of an ambitious film producer (Jack Black) who travels with his crew to a mysterious island filled with all sorts of monstrous creatures. One of them is the legendary ginormous gorilla named Kong, who swiftly strikes a kinship with the film crew’s leading lady (Naomi Watts).

Although the film is mostly an adventure focusing on Kong’s capture and export to New York, the traverse through Skull Island definitely counts as its own creature survival film, as the crew encounters a whole variety of prehistoric beats that put them in grave danger.

‘A Quiet Place’ (2018)

A Quiet Place tells the story of a family living in a post-apocalyptic who are forced to live in silence to avoid being attacked by blind monsters that hunt based on sound. However, the family struggles to survive in this reality when faced with various problems they face with the birth of the mother’s new child.

The silence gimmick used is what makes the film very tense, and it plays off this use of silence very well. The characters have adapted to using methods of communicating and living their daily lives without making a peep, and that just makes any abrupt moment when a sound occurs so intense and scary.

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‘The Birds’ (1963)

Alfred Hitchcock‘s The Birds is one of the first movies of its kind, following a series of unexplained bird attacks that occur in a small town in California. The film is a classic, consisting of a ton of memorable imagery, an interesting thrilling story, and pretty great effects for the time, some still even looking good to this day.

The film’s horror comes from the fact that the main threat is, of course, birds. Turning one of the world’s most populous animals, that people are likely to see on a daily basis, into threatening critters is a great way at creating a good scare and frightening the audience.

‘Jaws’ (1975)

Spielberg is back, proving how great he is in creating believable creatures with more great VFX work on Jaws‘ notorious shark. The film follows three local men of a summer resort town that band together in order to hunt down a deadly great white shark that has been attacking the community of beachgoers.

Although the film follows the three men attempting to hunt the shark, the film still very much tests their ability to survive. The crew encounters a number of dangerous encounters and life-threatening moments courteous of the beast that lurks in the water below them.

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