10 Best Anime To Watch On A Date

When two anime fans fall in love, the best way to show their affection is to have a date. While there are many anime to choose from, the final selection should appeal to both parties, while also having a good helping of romance added into the mix. With this in mind, there are a few anime that stand out as being ideal watches for a date.

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Although romance anime are the obvious choice, there are several other anime that have a good balance of action and comedy that would appeal to everyone watching. Some of these shows feature their romances more prominently than others. Yet, anime viewers with love on their minds are sure to enjoy these anime – especially on a date!

10 Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku Speaks To All Otaku Couples

Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku is a show made for older anime fans. It centers around two office workers – Narumi Momose and Hirotaka Nifuji. Since they were childhood friends, the pair already know about each other’s Otaku tendencies, and eventually decide to date. The story follows them as they learn that relationships work better when everyone is allowed to be themselves.

This show is the perfect anime for a date night as it features adults who love anime. Any anime-loving adult couple is sure to relate to many of the characters’ situations as they navigate nerd life within the corporate world. Plus, there is enough romance and humorous situations to get viewers’ hearts pumping while they watch.

9 Tsuredure Children Is A Hilarious Anthology

Tsuredure Children is an ensemble anime that follow numerous high schoolers as they navigate crushes, first loves, and dating. Because of its large cast, there is sure to be a pairing for everyone that will make audiences’ hearts flutter. The relatable, awkward, and ridiculous situations the teens find themselves in are sure to get fans laughing.

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Tsuredure Children is the perfect show to watch on a date due to the episodes’ short run-times, and the balance of awkward romance and comedy. There are also some surprisingly touching moments that will make any anime fan feel warm and fuzzy. This show is sure to be a hit for any couple looking for something light-hearted.

8 gamers! Is Full Of Uproarious Misunderstandings

gamers! is a hilarious show that follows a group of gamers as they navigate friendship and love. Because of its emphasis on gaming, any fan of both video games and anime is sure to love this uproarious romp. The central characters are great in their roles as they expertly portray their over-the-top emotions.

gamers! is a great show for couples looking for something less serious. The bright animation and hyperbolic humor are perfect for couples who want a good laugh. The central romance is awkward and ending, and the supporting cast is lovably hilarious. Every anime fan should check this show out if they are in the mood to cry from laughter.

7 Komi Can’t Communicate Is Adorable

Komi Can’t Communicate is an adorable show about a girl named Shoko Komi who is too shy to talk. Despite this, her goal is to make one hundred friends in high school. Fortunately, she inadvertently makes her first friend in the protagonist Hitohito Tadano who, despite his own goals, vows to help Komi overcome her communication block.

This show is a delightful adventure from start to finish. The characters play up traditional tropes in a hilarious way, while Komi and Tadano make for a wholesome pairing. Anime fans looking for a sweet yet romantic anime can find it in Komi Can’t Communicate.

6 Recovery Of An MMO Junkie Is Nerdy And Heartwarming

Any older fans looking for a more relatable anime should check out Recovery of an MMO Junkie. Moriko Morioka is a newly minted, self-proclaimed NEET who has vowed to shut herself in to play video games all day. However, when she starts “Fruits de Mer,” she never expected that it would lead her to love.

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This show is a wonderful date show because of its lovable romance and touching moments. Although the show is full of humor, many serious situations give the show its unexpected poignancy. Anime fans are sure to fall in love with the funny and relatable Recovery of an MMO Junkie.

5 Spy x Family Has Action, Romance, And Heart

Spy x Family is the perfect show for any couple who cannot decide on what to watch. Spy x Family is part espionage drama, part romance, and all hijinks. Special agent Twilight is tasked with securing a daughter and a wife under the pretenses of getting closer to his enemy. However, the newly dubbed Loid Forger is discovering that there is more to life than being a great spy.

Spy x Family is sure to satisfy any couple who cannot decide on a genre. The show’s premise is surprisingly wholesome, while also letting audiences know the stakes of an in-universe civil war. This show is for fans looking for something with more variety.

4 Horimiya Is All About Young Love

Horimiya is a beautiful show about two teenagers who find acceptance and love in each other. Izumi Miyamura loves tattoos and piercings, while Kyouko Hori is like a second mother to her younger brother. The two bond over their shared secrets and end up falling in love in one of the most heartfelt anime romances.

This is the best show to watch on a date, as it is chock-full of romantic moments. The love that Miyamura and Hori share is so palpable, that it will make fans swoon. Hori and Miyamura are beautiful examples of the insecurities and passion that teenage romances hold. Horimiya is a truly romantic show that any romance fan would love.

3 My Love Story!! Is A Wholesome And Funny Romance

My Love Story!! follows Takeo Gouda, a large, lovable high schooler who falls in love easily, but is often rejected. That is until he saves the adorable Rinko Yamato from a creep on a train. The two instantly fall in love and eventually confess their feelings in this humorous and ending show.

Takeo and Yamato are such a wholesome couple that any pair watching is sure to enjoy them. The love the two characters feel for one another is so pure that it will make fans want to fall in love all over again. This is truly a great watch for any couple looking for something heartwarming and hilarious.

2 Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Makes Couples Glad They Confessed

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War is sure to have audiences on the edge of their seat. Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya harbor feelings for each other, but are too afraid to confess. Instead, they plan increasingly elaborate schemes to get the other to break first. This show is humorous, frustrating, and heartfelt.

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Kaguya-sama has it all: humor, romance, and drama. Although the theme is romantic overall, fans of all genres can find something to enjoy in this bombastic show. While there is yet to be a conclusion to this modern classic, couples can look forward to cuddling up on the couch to watch future installations of the greatest “will-they won’t-they” story yet.

1 Your Name Tugs At The Heartstrings

Your Name is a movie that took the anime community by storm upon its release. The story follows two teens, Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyumizu, who discover that they have been switching bodies. While it starts chaotically, the two eventually set ground rules that help them learn more about each other, as well as how to fight for themselves.

Your Name is a touching and heartbreaking romance about two teens who push each other to be better. The visuals are breathtaking, and any couple watching is sure to feel the love the characters have for one another. Plus, it is a movie, making it perfect for a date night since it can be viewed in one sitting. Fans will fall in love all over again after watching this beautiful and poignant tale.

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