10 Best Anime To Watch During Summer

The world of anime is packed with a variety of shows that are a perfect fit for every season and every holiday out there. Spooky horror or Gothic fantasy anime are ideal for Halloween fun, and heart-throbbing romance series or movies are ideal for Valentine’s Day. And, of course, there are plenty of anime series that would make a great pick for the sweltering summer months.

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For many anime fans, summer is a time of freedom and carefree fun in between high school or college years. Summer is the season of going on vacation to the lake, going to the pool, going hiking, and more, and anime that emphasizes cool water or adventure are perfect for summer. Curious anime fans can always find something new to watch so they can beat the heat.

10 Grand Blue Dives Right Into The Water

The fun signals anime series Grand Blue is a raunchy comedy anime with some minor edutainment value to it. The story features the irresponsible but hilarious Iori Kitahara, a college freshman who just joined his new college’s diving club, Peekaboo. But it’s no ordinary club.

Anytime Iori isn’t plunging into the ocean’s cool depths, he’s going wild at beer-soaked parties and getting into all kinds of trouble. Iori isn’t the most inspiring anime hero, but he’s a riot to watch, and it’s nice to see him swimming through the refreshing waters like that.

9 Aria: The Masterpiece Is All About Gondolas & Venetian Canals

Plenty of iyashikei anime are ideal for the summer months, with these being low-conflict, easygoing anime that any fan can enjoy. Anime fans who are relaxing in their warm apartment will want a gentle show to take their mind off things, and Aria: The Masterpiece is perfect for that.

Not only is Aria a cheerful, wholesome iyashikei series, it also takes place on a replica Venice on Mars where the main characters row gondolas through channels of cool, rich blue water. It’s a gorgeous sight to see, and the show’s warm, lovely color palette really helps set the scene.

8 Waiting In The Summer Is A Charming Little Anime To Watch

As per its title, the short anime Waiting in the Summer takes place in the sweltering summer months of rural Japan, where teenagers don’t have a whole lot to do. Fortunately for protagonist Kaito Kirishima, he’s got a new friend to hang out with, the charming humanoid alien Ichika Takatsuki.

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Kaito is an aspiring filmmaker, and Ichika is happy to help him make a short, amateur sci-fi movie while secretly being a sci-fi alien guest herself, complete with advanced tech. But this show is more about the joys of idyllic rural life in Japan than it is about aliens and space opera fare.

7 Love Is Like A Cocktail Features Some Icy Cold Drinks

The ultra short anime Love is Like a Cocktail can be finished in under an hour, but it has plenty of charm and some edutainment value in that tight time frame. This lovely seinen series features the hardworking businesswoman Chisato and her homemaker husband, and they share more than a few drinks together.

Sora, the husband, has a new cocktail for his wife ready in each episode, most of which look like a soothing cold drink any anime fan would want to try for themselves. A fancy margarita or a cool rum and Coke on the rocks is perfect to take the heat out of summer.

6 A Place Further Than The Universe Keeps Things Chill

The iyashikei anime A Place Further Than the Universe does have a heartbreaking plot twist near the end, but aside from that, it’s a totally cool anime that invites anime fans to the frozen realm of Antarctica, ice sheets and all. The hot summer sun is getting left far behind.

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A Place Further Than the Universe features four high school girls who boldly take a trip to the world’s coldest continent, and what an adventure it will be. But for one of the girls, Shirase, the quest is a personal one. She’s determined to find her mother, who vanished in an Antarctic blizzard a few years ago.

5 Arpeggio Of Blue Steel Features Naval Combat

Not all summertime anime series are iyashikei or feature slice-of-life beachside shenanigans. Action fans want something cool to watch, and they can chill out with a thrilling sci-fi series like Arpeggio of Blue Steel. Most of its characters either fight aboard naval battleships or are those ships.

Some anime characters have beach parties or swim in the ocean, while others engage in all-out warfare on the open seas, like in Arpeggio. In this anime, the ships aren’t just vehicles – they are sentient beings, each of them with the avatar of a young lady that can speak to humans.

4 Black Lagoon Features High-Seas Adventures Under The Hot Sun

Another action-oriented summer anime is the hit seinen story Black Lagoon, starring the titular Black Lagoon crew of misfit mercenaries and their adventures in the criminal underworld of Southeast Asia. Businessman Rokuro soon found himself caught up in all this, and he knows there’s no way out. Now, he’s an outlaw.

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This slick action anime series both embraces and beats the heat with its stunning action sequences and stylish setpieces. The heroes fight for their very lives under a sweltering sun with all guns blazing, but they can also beat the heat with the sparkling ocean as a constant companion. It’s a beach episode… with explosions.

3 Rio: Rainbow Gate! Is A Stylish Vacation Anime

Summer is the perfect season for vacations, and not just to the beach for volleyball and fireworks. For some anime fans, summer is the season for visiting high-end resorts like the Howard Resort found in Rio: Rainbow Gate!the dream destination for any gaming and gambling enthusiast.

This slick vacation anime stars the expert gamer heroine Rio Rollins Tachibana, the best and most popular dealer at the Howard Resort where she works. Rio has fun accepting all kinds of challenges from the resort’s cocky patrons, and best of all, this anime takes place on a sunny beach with summer vacation vibes galore.

2 My Dress-Up Darling Is Mostly Set In Summer

My Dress Up Darling is a high school rom-com anime title that begins sometime in early June or so, and soon, it’s summer vacation for the two protagonists, Marin Kitagawa the genki girl and her shy classmate Wakana Gojo. Summer is the perfect time to hang up that school uniform and try some cosplay instead.

Gojo and Marin explore the wonderful world of cosplay together, and they soon learn to make weather-appropriate costumes and use the right fabric to avoid overheating. The show also has a charming beach sequence that is packed with meaningful moments of character interaction.

1 Samurai Champloo Is A Sunny Adventure

Some anime series may lack a beach episode, but they still feel like a summer adventure, and that includes Samurai Champloo. Summer is, for many people, a time to relax, have fun and see what fresh adventures await each day. The same is true in this anime.

Samurai Champloo seems to take place in late spring or early summer, and it’s sunny and warm as Mugen, Fuu, and Jin trek across Japan to find Fuu’s father, a samurai who evidently has the scent of sunflowers. This anime also features summer stables like a field of those sunflowers and a game of baseball.

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