10 Anime That Remind Us Of Our Childhood

It is common for adults to wish they could be kids again. Childhood granted so much freedom; it was a time for exploration and experimentation. Most adults miss their childhood and typically wish for all the time they had as kids to do fun things. While no one can turn back the clock, anime can certainly get people feeling nostalgic.

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Watching anime from childhood or watching shows that unearth childhood memories is a great way to get in touch with the inner child. Anime is perfect for eliciting nostalgia in viewers. Sometimes, all it takes is turning on the TV to feel like a kid again.

10 Doraemon Is A Child’s Fantasy Come To Life

doraemon is one of the biggest children’s shows in Japan. Since the 1970s, children across Japan have been treated to Noby and Doraemon’s wacky adventures. Doraemon is a robot cat from the future sent back in time to help Noby be a better person and live a fulfilling life.

The main appeal of doraemon is the inventions the cat brings from the future. All the neat inventions have adult fans imagining that they’re kids going on adventures with Noby and the gang. The series shows endless possibilities to its audience, and even the adults watching are taken in by the wonders.

9 Space Brothers Is About Not Giving Up On Your Dreams

Space Brothers was an early 2010s anime set in the mid-2020s about a man trying to become an astronaut. Mutta, who had been fired from his job, decided to chase after his brother, Hibito, an astronaut. The series follows Mutta’s trials as he learns the job and gets prepared for life on Mars.

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Space Brothers is a drama about a man who almost gives up on his dreams. The series flashes back to the 2000s plenty of times. These flashbacks show Mutta and Hibito as children determined to become astronauts. Many children aspire to be astronauts at one point, so viewers will have nostalgia for being young and chasing their dreams.

8 My Hero Academia Fulfills A Lot Of Dreams

In My Hero Academia, the majority of the world has powers called quirks. Many people with quirks go on to become superheroes. The story follows Deku, a boy born without a quirk, and his journey to be the best superhero in the world.

Many children throughout the world dream of gaining superpowers and saving the day. Even as adults, people can wish for superpowers. Adult viewers are reminded of the dreams they had as kids and live vicariously through Deku and the other UA students.

7 Cardfight!! Vanguard Brings Back Memories Of Dueling Friends

In the 2000s, many kids played against each other in trading card games. Whether it was the pokemon trading card game or Yu-Gi-Oh!, dueling against each other to see who was the best was a fun experience. Cardfight!! Vanguard is a card game anime that is grounded in the real world with little stakes. The anime mirrors real life.

Cardfight!! Vanguard features young people competing in card game tournaments where nothing but pride is on the line. The show is all about the fun of the game and the bonds that can be formed over a card game.

6 Sweetness And Lightning Is Hot & Ready

Sweetness and Lightning is a 12-episode anime about a single father raising his daughter. Ever since his wife died, Kohei has mostly been giving his daughter, Tsumugi, prepackaged food to eat. One of Kohei’s students, Kotori, offers to help the family prepare homecooked meals.

Seeing the world through a child’s eyes after growing up can be a wonderful experience. Tsumugi’s cheerfulness could remind viewers of what it was like to be a child. Many people grew up around their families cooking all sorts of dishes. overalls, Sweetness and Lightning is quite wholesome and cozy.

5 One Piece Is A Massive Adventure

Children often dream of adventure. They want to ride into the desert on a horse or have an Indiana Jones-like expedition into a temple. Some may even want to sail the seven seas on a pirate ship and have a jolly good time. One Piece allows its viewers to live vicariously through the characters’ adventures across the world in search of treasure.

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One Piece is one of the biggest anime franchises. It has legions of fans around the world. Many love it for its world-building. It’s just one massive adventure, and it can remind adults of the fantasies they used to have of taking a ship into the ocean and hunting for buried treasure.

4 Crayon Shin-Chan Has Grown-Ups Shaking That Thing All Over The Place

Crayon Shin-chan is a long-running anime following five-year-old Shinnosuke (or Shin-chan) in his daily life of mischief. Whether he’s shaking his butt or flirting with adult women, Shin is a rowdy kid. Funimation licensed the show at one point and some dubbed episodes even ran on Adult Swim. The series was best known for its raunchy comedy and distinct art style.

Crayon Shin-chan often reminds viewers that kids say the darnedest things. Adult viewers can reminisce about the trouble they got into as kids while watching this show. Shin and pals get caught up in hilarious situations, and kids often get into hairy situations in real life, too.

3 Yokai Watch Reminds Fans Of Their Superstitions

Yokai Watch is a fairly popular anime series about a boy who finds a special watch that allows him to see yokai, supernatural creatures responsible for life’s daily annoyances. The boy, Nate, can befriend yokai by receiving their yokai medals and can summon them at will. The yokai range from an elephant that makes people have to pee to a lion that gives people a fiery passion.

Kids tend to believe in superstitions more than anyone else. They will believe in things like magic and yokai because they explain the world around them in a neat and tidy way. Adults can reminisce about all the silly things they believed while watching Yokai Watch.

2 Kodocha Is Full Of Shenanigans

Kodomo no Odochaor Kodocha for short, is about a child actress named Sana who deals with a chaotic life at school. She and her rival, Akito, often clash over their ideals and end up fighting. The series was partially dubbed by Funimation in the 2000s before it was dropped and landed in Discotek’s lap.

Kodocha is best known for its comedy. Sana, Akito, and the rest of their school get into all kinds of hilarious situations. The series is perfect for folks to reminisce about odd situations and shenanigans they got into as kids.

1 Pokemon Is The Ultimate Adventure

pokemon is one of the most successful franchises of all time. From video games to shows to a trading card game, and more, the series about collecting monsters has resonated with so many people. That’s due in part to how accessible the world seems. At age 10, anyone can leave home and become a Pokémon trainer.

The Pokémon world is a sure and inspires adventure. Even those who didn’t grow up with the show can remember what it was like to pretend they were on an adventure. pokemon has inspired countless people with its massive world and myriad of monsters. Adults can remember thinking that the world was their oyster, much like it is for many Pokémon trainers.

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