10 Anime That Need To Return Soon

Every great story is supposed to have an ending, but unfortunately, fans of some anime series have yet to see the ending of their favorite shows. Not only that, but some don’t even get to see a second season. For various reasons, there have been lots of successful anime series that have disappeared over the years.

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However, fans should still have some hope because a good deal of anime has returned recently such as Bleach, The Devil Is A Part Timerand Pantyhose and Stocking with Garterbelt. Fans would be over the moon if more anime continue the trend and make their comeback to the anime scene.

10 Prison School Needs To Escape Its Long Hiatus

Prison School is quite the whirlwind and is one of the funniest anime out there. The main plot of Prison School focuses on five boys who enroll in a previously all-girls school. For various reasons the guys are outcasts by the girls at this school and are sent to the school prison where they are tortured.

While this may sound serious, Prison School drowns it out by focusing on the ridiculous punishments and pure randomness the boys have to go through. Prison School has been unheard of since 2015 and deserves a second season.

9 Blue Exorcist Still Has A Lot Of Material To Cover

Blue Exorcist is a hugely popular shonen anime that was released in 2011; it even got a second season in 2017. However, since then fans have not heard a single word about Season 3.

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Blue Exorcist follows the main character, Rin Okumura, a teenager who finds out that he is the son of Satan in a world where there is a conflict between humans and demons. However, Rin decides to defend the humans and teams up with his brother, Yukio, to become an exorcist. Blue Exorcist is worth a watch even if fans never see a third season.

8 No Game No Life Needs To Give Their Fans A Second Season

No Game No Life is one of the many anime done by Madhouse to never get a second season. No Game No Life is extremely colorful and follows two skilled gamers, Sora and Shiro, who get sucked into a video game and decide on the main goal of becoming the “god” of the new virtual world they are in.

No Game No Life is filled with comedic moments and serious situations where the protagonists need to outsmart their opponents in various games to win. No Game No Life has one of the most passionate fan bases out there, so hopefully, they can get their long-awaited second season.

Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji is one of the most underrated anime out there. The first season released in 2007 features a low-life named Kaiji Ito who is faced with a large amount of debt that is impossible for him to pay back. However, Kajii gets an offer to earn his money back by winning it on a cruise ship called the “Espoir,” where other people like him can compete in challenges to earn back their debt.

Not everyone can make their money back; Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji is filled with high stake moments that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats. Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji did get a second season in 2011, but there have been no signs of another season since.

6 Grand Blue Dreaming Is The Most Underrated Comedy Anime

fans of Grand Blue Dreaming say that it is the most underrated comedy anime ever, and they aren’t wrong. This anime was released in 2018 and follows Iori Kitahara, a teenager who is moving into his uncle’s scuba diving shop while starting his first year at the university.

After meeting some upperclassmen who are in the diving club, Iori and his new friend, Kouhei, join them. The members of the diving club do a surprising lack of diving and often party and drink the entire time. Watching Iori and his friends get into trouble while his cousin, Chisa, catches him doing the stupidest things possible makes Grand Blue Dreaming a top tier comedy anime. Everyone should watch it despite the glaring lack of a second season.

5 Deadman Wonderland Needs More Than 12 Episodes

Deadman Wonderland was released in 2011 and still only has 12 episodes. That being said, the anime is jam-packed with action and plot. Deadman Wonderland features Ganta as its protagonist, who witnesses his entire class get murdered.

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Being the last person alive, Ganta is blamed for the murder of his classmates and sent to a cruel prison where he is forced to play games to save his life. fans of Deadman Wonderland can only hope that this anime returns to find out what happens to Ganta at the end of the series.

4 Noragami Has Something For Everyone

Despite Noragami having two successful seasons, fans have not seen a new season since 2015. Noragami follows Yato, a minor god without a shrine seeking fame and money, but to do so he spends all day doing random jobs for only five yen.

One day, Yato saves a girl named Hiyori from a moving car. While she did survive, the incident caused Hiyori’s soul to escape, and it will sometimes wander out of her body. Yato eventually agrees to fix her and the two of them, along with Yato’s “regalia” Yukine, go on adventures with a cast of great characters. Noragami has a little something for everyone and fans would like nothing more than to see it return.

3 Hajime No Ippo Needs Time To Become The Champion

Sports anime over the last few years have done very well, so there is no reason why Hajime No Ippo shouldn’t be there with them. This series has three seasons and over 100 episodes that follow the underdog story of Ippo Makunouchi and his journey to becoming the greatest boxer of all time.

Hajime No Ippo has a fantastic cast of characters and some of the greatest fights viewers will find in anime. The last season in 2013 leaves so much in the air, including a long-awaited rematch between Ippo and his rival, Ichirou Miyata. Ippo Makunouchi and his iconic Dempsey Roll still have much to prove in this iconic boxing anime.

2 One-Punch Man Is An S-Class Anime

Almost every anime fan knows about One Punch Man even though it is far from completed and only has two seasons. While the last season aired in 2019, there has been a lot of uncertainty as to what is happening with this series. Seasons 1 and 2 are both done by different animation studios and neither has said a word about a third season.

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One Punch Man features the adventures of the overpowered superhero Saitama and cyborg Genos, and it is too popular not to be airing currently. The anime adaptation still has a lot of excellent content to cover from the manga and fans of the series are eagerly waiting for more.

1 Hunter X Hunter Has No Apologies To Not Return

Unlike some of the other anime that have disappeared, there was a reason for Hunter x Hunter’s incompletion. Over the Past Few Years Yoshihiro Togashi Hunter x Hunter’s creator, has been ill and has been unable to continue the series.

Because of this, Hunter x Hunter had adapted almost all the content the manga had to offer, leaving both the manga and the anime adaptation unfinished. To fans’ excitement, though, Yoshihiro Togashi recently announced that new chapters of Hunter x Hunter are in the works — meaning there is a good chance that fans could see the popular adventure anime return.

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