10 Anime Series With Not Enough Romance

Romance is a natural part of life – it’s ubiquitous. As such, many anime, no matter the genre, typically feature romance. Yet, fans feel some shows could use more romance in their stories. Whether the show is a part of the romance genre or not, there are many anime that would benefit from exploring their romances more.

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There are many reasons audiences want to see more from their romances. It could be that fans are drawn to the couples in question and want to see more of them. It could also be that improving the romance would improve the motivations within the story. Either way, these shows could benefit from focusing more on love.

10 Beastars Season Two Disappointed Fans

beastars is a surprisingly amazing show about the power of emotions and the fight against nature. The first season is beloved for its exploration of these themes, as well as for its intense romance between Haru and Legoshi. However, season two left fans wanting more from the main couple.

In Season two, Haru and Legoshi are hardly together. Even when fans finally see them in the same scene, the conversations are always awkward – lacking the chemistry the two built in season one. Fans can only hope that any future beastars seasons will feature Legoshi and Haru as a couple.

9 Yona Of The Dawn Just Got Started

Yona of the Dawn is a unique reverse-harem anime about a fugitive princess on a mission to take back her kingdom. With her are four Dragon Warriors and her most trusted guard, Son Hak. Although all the gentlemen appear to have feelings for Yona, the clear leader is Hak, as he has known her the longest.

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Fans of the show clamor to see Hak and Yona get together, or even just progress in their relationship. Sadly, right as the romance begins, the show is cut short. Without a conclusive end, anime-only fans were sad not to see their favorite couple falling in love. Fortunately, the manga is ongoing, so fans see more of Yona and Hak’s relationship.

8 Yuri!!! On Ice Needs To Focus More On Its Leads’ Relationship

Yuri!!! On Ice is a beautiful show about Yuri Katsuki as he rediscovers his love and talent for figure skating. With the help of his coach, Victor Nikiforov, Yuri trains hard to achieve his goals. Fans are treated to a blossoming romance between the two men. However, audiences were disappointed by its execution.

Although Victor and Yuri are canonically together, fans felt that the two could have shown more outward affection toward each other. Their feelings are clear, yet fans feel that the creators were holding back when showing Victor and Yuri’s romance. Hopefully, fans will get to see more from Victor and Yuri in future projects.

7 Food Wars! Had No Romantic Pay Off

Food Wars! is a raunchy shonen comedy about a culinary school that solves its issues through Battle Royale-style cooking competitions. while Food Wars! is full of more mature imagery, many fans were still disappointed by a teased romance that never happened.

Erina Nakiri possesses a power known as The God Tongue. Souma Yukihira is a talented diner cook whose mission is to get Erina to enjoy his food. The two often banter and flirt, making fans hopeful for an eventual romance. Sadly, nothing of note occurs between the two chefs. A romance between Erina and Souma would have made their relationship all the more delightful.

6 Cells At Work! Could Have Had A Wholesome Romance

The human body can be a dangerous place. Fortunately, everyone has a team of cells on their side working hard to keep it healthy. Cells At Work! tells the story of how the body’s cells do their jobs to keep it safe – with the focus on a particularly plucky Red Blood Cell and an intense, but well-meaning White Blood Cell.

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As Red Blood Cell often finds herself in trouble, fans hope for a romance between her and her protector, White Blood Cell. Unfortunately, audiences were once again disappointed to find that nothing grew between them. Although it is more medically accurate for them to remain friends, many fans hoped to see more from their favorite hard-working cells.

5 Erased Left Satoru Fujinuma Twisting In The Wind

Erased is a show about a down-on-his-luck man named Satoru Fujinuma who can travel back in time to fix tragedies. However, when his powers transport him back to his fifth grade self, old feelings begin to reignite as Satoru encounters his old crush Kayo Hinazuki.

While Satoru and Kayo have feelings for each other, the two are separated. Kayo is sent to live with her grandmother, while Satoru has an encounter with a kidnapper that puts him in a coma. When Satoru wakes up years later, Kayo is married and has a child. The show did hint at Satoru finding a romantic partner in his coworker, Airi Katagiri, but it ends before anything happens. After everything he went through, fans were disappointed that Satoru was unable to find love.

4 Free! Missed Many Opportunities

Free! is a sports anime about a group of boys who are in their high school’s swim club. Though much of the show is focused on the boys working toward their various competitions, several underlying plots heavily center around the relationships of the young men.

Unfortunately, none of the relationships are canonically romantic. While the show does tend to hint at various relationships, it never crosses the line into definite romance. This fact has left many fans frustrated, as they hope to see more from the boys’ relationships. Free! could have benefited from showing romance, if only to sate its fans.

3 Silver Spoon’s Near Misses Frustrate Fans

Silver Spoon is a relatable show about a young man searching for his purpose in life. After becoming burnt out, Yuugo Hachiken decides to attend an agricultural high school. Although the lifestyle is new to him, Hachiken meets many friends along the way who help him learn more about what it means to be in the farming community.

One such friend is Aki Mikage. Her love of horses and kindness toward others endear her to almost everyone, especially Hachiken. The anime shows Hachiken’s feelings for her throughout the series, and the two even make plans for a date. However, the couple never officially end up together. This fact crushed many fans who were hoping for a conclusion to their love story.

2 Ouran High School Host Club Promised So Much More

Ouran High School Host Club is a satirical reverse harem that follows Haruhi Fujioka after she joins her school’s Host Club. Although all the male members of the club begin to fall for her, the club’s leader, Tamaki Suoh, is slated as Haruhi’s main love interest. The show builds their romance throughout the series, gearing fans up for a sweeping, romantic ending.

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Disappointingly, all fans were treated to is a single hug shared between the couple at the very end of the show. The gesture angered fans who had invested so much time and emotion in the show, only for it not to pay off. satire or not, Ouran High School Host Club fans deserved to see the central couple end up together.

1 My Hero Academia Teases Fans With Ships

My Hero Academia is a fantastic show with a lot of action. The large cast is varied and fun, giving fans plenty to enjoy. However, the show seriously lacks in the romance department. Although many relationships are presented in the show, practically none of them have had any development yet.

One of the most disappointing romances is between the protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, and his classmate, Ochaco Uraraka. The anime shows they have mutual feelings for each other in earlier seasons. Yet, as the series continues, it appears that Midoriya has forgotten his once-strong feelings for Uraraka. Meanwhile, Uraraka’s whole character seems centered around her feelings for Midoriya – making her seem obsessive. If ever there was a call for more romance, My Hero Academias story it is.

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