10 Anime Series We Shouldn’t Have Dropped After One Episode

Starting a new anime doesn’t always turn out as expected. Sometimes fans will be hyped for an upcoming series, only for it to be a huge let-down upon release. When this happens, many decide to drop it after just the first episode. This can be for a number of reasons, from poor animation quality to a boring start to the story. However, sometimes the audience drops a series too quickly.

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Not every anime is a hit from the start, and some don’t get really good until the first few episodes pass. Though it’s tempting to give up on a series with a lackluster beginning, sometimes fans miss out on something incredible when they don’t stick it out.

10 Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie’s Adorable Cast Make It An Enjoyable Watch

With all its initial hype, it’s hard to believe how poorly received Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie has turned out to be. It was aimed to be the next My Dress Up Darling. Instead, many have dropped it before it could even begin. The most common complaint is that the series is too boring, focusing much more on pointless fluff than any actual plot. However, viewers may have given up on this series too soon.

While its slice-of-life storyline turns many off, Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie really shines when it comes to characters. It has an endearing and lovable cast, and their wholesome interactions make this series worth a second look.

9 Dragon Ball GT Isn’t As Bad As Fans Claim

It’s no secret that dragon ball fans despise Dragon Ball GT. It’s probably one of the most hated series in the entire franchise, and many gave up on it almost immediately. Though there are plenty of reasons not to like it, Dragon Ball GT isn’t nearly as bad as fans claim.

Dragon Ball GT changes a lot and isn’t exactly canon, but it’s still a fun series to sit down and watch anyway. On top of that, it actually adds some nice depth to some of the characters, especially Goku, who is famous for his naivete and selfishness.

8 Boruto Had A Bad Start, But It’s Finally Getting Good

By this point, everyone knows how much of a flop Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has become. Fans were once excited for this continuation of the Naruto franchise, but it quickly proved to be far inferior to its predecessor. The anime began with a story arc that wasn’t even canon to the manga, focusing on a slice-of-life style that many weren’t expecting.

Most have long since given up on boruto, but it’s actually started to get better in recent years. With the anime finally catching up with the manga and shifting back to the plot, it’s starting to feel like the Naruto sequel it was always meant to be.

7 Viewer’s Dropped Mieruko-Chan Due To Its Fanservice, But It’s Worth Watching

Mieruko-chan is a unique series that blends together horror and comedy, creating an unlikely yet surprisingly satisfying combination. Many were excited to give this series a try when it first came out, but it didn’t take long for most viewers to drop it. This is due to the unfortunate amount of fanservice found throughout the series that many struggled to ignore.

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While it’s understandable that not everyone likes this brand of humor, Mieruko-chan is well worth giving a second chance. It’s an interesting mixture of cute and creepy that only gets better and better as the series progresses.

6 Clannad Starts Out Slow, But It Eventually Turns Into A Masterpiece

For those just starting Clannad, the series doesn’t look like much at first. In fact, many could argue that the beginning of the first season is pretty boring. It follows the typical slice-of-life set-up and progresses at a snail’s pace for the first few episodes. However, when Clannad starts to get good, it gets really good.

Each character’s arc is filled with intense emotion that gets the audience completely invested. By the second season, Clannad amps up its storytelling and becomes a true masterpiece, worthy of being named one of the saddest anime of all time.

5 Re:Zero Is More Than Just A Generic Isekai

Isekai has quickly become one of the most popular anime genres in recent years. However, not everyone is so fond of this type of series. As a result, many isekai titles get a lot of backlash almost the very moment they release. This includes Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another Worldwhich most consider just another generic series from the genre.

Those who actually give Re:Zero a chance know that the series is much more than meets the eye. With a great story full of depth and emotion and a well-written, three-dimensional cast, the series has a lot to offer those who are willing to look past its clichés.

4 Nichijou Joins Together Slice-Of-Life & Slapstick Comedy

Nichijou is a series that looks boring on the surface but is full of surprises. Judging by the title alone, it’s safe for anime fans to assume that this series focuses on everyday, ordinary life. Just going off the first episode or two, it’s easy to mistake Nichijou for an uneventful CGDCT series. However, the more viewers watch, the more they see how incredibly funny this anime is.

Nichijou combines slice-of-life and slapstick comedy for a hilarious sitcom that feels much like Azumanga Daioh in its execution. It’s certainly not for everyone, but anyone who loves a good comedy should give it a try.

3 Berserk Has A Slow Beginning, But It’s Amazing Later On

It’s hard to believe that viewers would ever think to drop such an iconic series as Berserk, but for some, they just couldn’t stick it out. Despite its epic and action-packed storyline, many have argued that Berserk has a rather weak start.

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The first few episodes of Berserk progress at a surprisingly slow pace, fooling many into thinking it’s not worth it to continue. However, for those who do manage to sit through the more boring episodes, the series kicks off and becomes an exciting adventure that no one should miss out on.

2 The Way Of The Househusband’s Stiff Animation Scares Viewers Away

By now, the anime adaptation of The Way of the Househusband has become infamous among anime fans thanks to its jarring animation style. While most anime fans nowadays are used to fluid, high-quality animation, The Way of the Househusband takes a completely different approach, instead using very little to no animation at all.

The series director has stated that this stylistic decision was made to keep the focus on the humor and not the movement, which makes sense. Unfortunately, this didn’t bode well for those watching The Way of the Househusband for the first time. While it may be a strange choice and hard to get used to at first, it makes for a unique experience that more anime fans should give a second chance.

1 Sailor Moon Crystal Initially Had Very Poor Animation Quality, But It’s Been Improved

Sailor Moon Crystal is the first anime adaptation to follow the Sailor Moon source material completely, and fans everywhere were beyond excited by its announcement. Unfortunately, the first two seasons were spoiled by incredibly poor animation quality, to the point where many couldn’t stand sitting through it.

since the beginning, Sailor Moon Crystal has had many extensive style changes, and the quality has finally reached the standards expected of a series as iconic as Sailor Moon. Though many have already made up their minds and given up on this adaptation, its many improvements show that the studio is listening to fans and want to please them, so it’s definitely worth trying again.

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