10 Anime Girls With Animal Ears (Who Are Not Catgirls)

Animals are cute and unpredictable, and they’ve had an important role to play in anime. Some characters have pets or animal sidekicks, but some anime give fans the best of both worlds by fusing its female characters together with animals to form a variety of adorable combinations.

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Anime catgirls are the most common, but for anime fans who are bored of cat ears, there are plenty of other options too. There are many other anime series that branch out and give their female characters other types of animal ears.

10 Raphtalia Becomes A Loyal Ally After Enough Training (The Rising Of The Shield Hero Wiki)

Raphtalia was an imprisoned demi-human when she is first introduced in The Rising of the Shield Hero. The poor young girl with tanuki ears hadn’t known the meaning of true freedom.

After Naofumi Iwatani, the Shield Hero, saved her and taught her to fight, she became a capable warrior with a heart of gold. In their time together since, they have helped to save and improve the lives of many people they’ve come across.

9 Holo Is A Wise Wolf With Many Sides To Her Personality (Spice And Wolf)

Legends speak of a fox spirit who has the power to influence harvests. She eventually became known as a wheat goddess. Her true form is that of a humongous wolf, but the legends don’t know that Holo can also transform into a human girl at will.

She’s confident and intelligent, and she is often flirtatious with the one she loves most. However, she also hides her fear of loneliness away from others. Fans get to see different sides to her character throughout Spice and Wolf.

8 Yuki Decides To Choose Her Family Over Her True Nature (Wolf Children)

Siblings naturally have a lot in common, and for Yuki and Ame, it was the fact that they could both turn into wolves. However, while her younger brother eventually embraces his bestial nature, Yuki chooses to prioritize her human mother.

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She’s mature beyond her years, protective of her brother, and sociable with those around her. Despite her true origins as a part wolf, Yuki chooses to be human, and it’s a powerful decision that her mother appreciates.

7 Carrot Feels Like An Honorary Member Of The Straw Hats (One Piece)

Many of the Mink tribe play an important role in helping the Straw Hat pirates out on their grand adventure. Out of all of them, the energetic Carrot leaves the strongest impression.

She has been a pseudo-crew member of the team for a while, and it’s needless to say that she fits right in. Her radiant positivity and appreciation for Tony Tony Chopper are wholesome, but when she transforms into her Sulong form during the full moon, she becomes a force to be reckoned with.

6 Senko-San Is Just What The Doctor Ordered (The Helpful Fox Senko-San)

The life of an office worker is hard and tiring for the soul. People in that profession are precisely the kind of individuals who would benefit from a healing experience, and that’s where the fox goddess Senko-san comes in.

The sweet little deity appears each night at Kuroto Nakano’s home and offers up her services to pamper him into a better state of health. It’s something that many fans wish they could have in real life.

5 Nanachi Has A Horrifying Backstory (Made In Abyss)

A core tenet of Made in Abyss is the struggles that children have to go through. Among them, there may be only a few souls more tortured than Nanachi. Once a human, the young girl was part of a group of kids taking part in twisted experiments that left them no longer human.

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She miraculously survived being forcibly ascended through the Abyss, and her cute animal form is a physical reminder of her terrifying past.

4 Ameri Azazel Is A Leader With An Adorable Secret (Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun)

Schools can be unruly places, and they need a strong leadership figure to keep them in line. That holds doubly true for a school of demons in the netherworld. Ameri Azazel is the student council president of Babyls Demon School, and she is feared, loved, and respected by all of the students and faculty.

Her strict demeanor and strength create an example to follow, but in her quieter moments, she’s a schoolgirl being consistently surprised by her own romantic feelings.

3 Naaza Erisuis Is Cunning And Caring At The Same Time (Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?)

Various Familia in Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? each has unique members, and for the Miach Familia, Naaza Erisuis stands out. She’s a doctor with calming brown hair, dog ears, and sleepy mannerisms when interacting with others.

She’s smart enough to exploit people’s weaknesses and is known to be a pro at manipulating others to achieve her goals. At the same time, Naaza cares about the important people in her life, and her marksmanship skills can be used to protect them.

2 Haru Has Trouble Interacting With Those Around Her (Beastars)

Haru is somewhat of an unpredictable character. Her small stature and cute appearance make perfect sense considering that she is a white dwarf rabbit. Audiences find out that she was also the former head of a gardening club at Cherryton Academy.

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However, under the surface of her wholesome first impression lies a girl who is deeply troubled. She’s confident and brave, but also promiscuous to a fault, and that leads to problems when she interacts with the society around her.

1 Michiru Kagemori Will Fight For A More Just World (BNA: Brand New Animal)

In the word of BNA: Brand New Animal, certain humans can suddenly turn into beast men. Unfortunately for them, that means moving to Anima City which is a perceived safe haven away from the hatred of regular humans.

This is exactly what happens to teenage Michiru Kagemori, but after grappling with her new life as a tanuki girl, she eventually takes things in stride. Her unique animal shape-shifting abilities later become essential to unraveling the mysteries behind why she turned into a beast man, as well as a deadly conspiracy.

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