10 Anime Characters Whose Kindness Was Taken Advantage Of

Many of the characters in anime are able to show immense kindness to others. Their ability to stick to their morals and to unflinchingly help others in need in an instant has made most of these characters easy to like. Fans usually hold them in high regard.

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However, some of these characters are far too kind and trusting. This allows other characters to take advantage of what are usually admirable qualities. When this happens, it is incredibly difficult for the kind character to recover. Sometimes, they are never able to recover and end up paying for their kindness with their lives.

10 Naofumi Iwatani Bought Malty Equipment Before Being Falsely Accused

The Rising Of The Shield Hero

When Malty Melromarc offered to join Naofumi’s party, he felt incredibly fortunate that he wasn’t expected to adventure alone. With the money that the king gave him, he bought equipment for himself and even more extravagant equipment for Malty. After resting at the inn, Naofumi woke up to find Malty and his possessions gone.

He was then captured by the kingdom’s knights, as he was framed for assaulting Malty. This incident was so scarring for Naofumi that he became jaded, cynical, and much less trusting. He couldn’t afford to be kind and had to use his bad reputation and intimidation techniques so no one would continue to take advantage of him.

9 Ichigo Kurosaki Was Lured In By Grand Fisher


When Ichigo was a child, he was walking home with his mother. He saw a young girl by the river and assumed that she was going to jump in. Despite his mother’s warnings and attempts to stop him, he rushed over to help the girl. He didn’t realize the girl was actually the Grand Fisher’s lure.

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The Grand Fisher is able to disguise this lure as anyone so that unsuspecting people would approach it. Ichigo’s desire to help others was used against him, and Masaki died protecting him from the hollow.

8 King Piccolo Destroyed Goku’s Limbs After Taking Ten Hostage

dragon ball

King Piccolo proved himself to be a vicious and cunning enemy. During his final battle against Goku, he realized that he was at a disadvantage. Deciding to resort to dirty tactics, he grabbed Tien Shinhan and used him as a hostage. He then told Goku not to move as he broke his legs and his arm.

Goku, realizing that he couldn’t just resurrect Tien with the Dragon Balls, had no choice but to comply. He valued his friend’s life so much that he was willing to endure the pain. Thankfully, Goku still won the battle against King Piccolo.

7 The Kind Traveler Gave Away Everything

Fruit Basket

As he thought about Tohru Honda’s selflessness, Momiji Sohma decided to tell Yuki and Kyo a story about a foolish traveler. Wherever this traveler went, he came across people who would make up sad stories. Touched, the traveler would always give them whatever they asked for. Whenever he helped, the traveler would feel happy and wish those people the best.

After giving away even the clothes off his back, the traveler went into the woods, where monsters tricked him into giving away parts of himself. The last goblin left him a “gift” in exchange for his eyes, which made the traveler weep with joy before he passed away.

6 Iruma’s Parents Made Him Work Dangerous Jobs

Welcome To Demon School! Iruma-kun

Iruma’s parents were selfish people who refused to work. In order to live carefree lives, they forced Iruma to work on their behalf. At the start of the series, he is seen working on a tuna fishing boat. The jobs that he took were so dangerous that he developed a talent for dodging any danger that came his way.

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He couldn’t say no to them, which made it all the easier for them to sell him to Lord Sullivan. Iruma wasn’t even surprised that they did so. Iruma was kind to a fault, unable to say no to anyone who asked him to do something.

5 George Joestar Was Too Kind For His Own Good

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

George Joestar was a wealthy and kind man. When he got into a carriage accident, Dario Brando approached him. Dario assumed that he would be an easy target to steal from. George came to and jumped to the conclusion that Dario was there to rescue him.

Even when it came to light that Dario had planned to rob him blind, George helped him get out of prison by lying on his behalf. He would later take in Dario’s son, Dio Brando, which would ultimately lead to his untimely demise.

4 Rem Was Tricked By Light Into Sacrificing Herself For Misa

Death Note

After giving Misa a Death Note, Rem decided to watch over her. Their time together allowed Rem to grow fond of the girl. Light became aware of this and used it to his advantage. Although Rem told Light that she would kill him if Misa died, Misa was too attached to Light.

Misa listened to Light’s request to continue writing in the Death Note, risking the exposure of her identity. In order to keep L from discovering that Misa was the second Kira, Rem wrote L’s real name in the Death Note. Since she extended Misa’s lifespan, Rem died.

3 Lemillion Had To Take A Bullet For Eric

My Hero Academia

In order to save Eri, Lemillion was willing to fight Overhaul and Chronostasis at the same time. The villains quickly caught on to the fact that Lemillion was willing to do practically anything in order to save her. Taking advantage of this heroic quality, Chronostasis shot a Quirk-erasing bullet at Eri.

Lemillion knew that taking the hit could ruin his dreams of becoming a hero, and losing his Quirk could get him killed. However, he didn’t want a girl who had been through so much suffering to experience any more pain. He threw himself in front of her, protecting her from the shot.

2 Chika Fujiwara Is Forced To Fix Shirogane’s Ineptitude

Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

Chika has been privy to many of Miyuki Shirogane’s weaknesses, much to her own chagrin. While he tries to hide them from everyone else, Miyuki feels comfortable confiding in her. His singing was abysmal to the point where he sounded like he was possessed by a demon. When he demonstrated his rapping, Chika fell backward and started foaming at the mouth.

Shirogane is so helpless at certain tasks that she feels obligated to help him. It is always extremely hard work, and although she feels a sense of accomplishment when he’s finally competent, she also feels drained of her energy and spirit.

1 Anya Pretended To Be Kidnapped

Spy X Family

After realizing that his cover was blown, the terrorist fled from Loid Forger, leaving the penguin he was after behind. Anya, having overheard her father’s concerns about not being able to follow the man, decided to take matters into her own hands. She pursued the man and grabbed onto the back of his coat, refusing to let go.

To the man’s confusion, Anya called out to Yor that she was being kidnapped. Yor instinctively went into mother bear mode, delivering a swift kick to the man’s jaw. Anya risked her own safety because knew she could rely on her mother’s caring nature and assassin skills.

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