10 Anime Characters Who Would Do Better In The Legend Of Korra

The Legend Of Korra rapidly modernized the world of Avatar and forever changed the way fans saw the franchise. As the sequel series to Avatar: The Last Airbender, this show had some pretty big shoes to fill. Despite its few flaws, The Legend Of Korra is still lots of fun to watch and is arguably more mature and darker than its predecessor.

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the Avatar universe provides an ideal environment for some anime characters to thrive in, specifically characters with powers that resemble bending and characters who have very special skills or unique talents. These characters will be able to dominate the entire world of Legend of Korra if given a chance.

10 Senku Will Rival The Likes Of Varrick And Haroshi (Dr. Stone)

Senku is a genius who thrives in a world full of technology. Having to survive in the harsh stone world, Senku has honed his scientific knowledge and put it to use, building what is considered state-of-the-art technology from scratch with few resources. With a lot of tools to work with, Senku’s mind will be free to run wild.

The tech giants of Legend of Korra will have some serious competition on their hands, and mankind would make groundbreaking strides in science and technology thanks to Senku. While Senku is as weak as a person can be when it comes to fighting, he’ll more than makeup for that weakness with the weapons he’ll make.

9 Deku Is A Great Tactician And A Strong Fighter (My Hero Academia)

Izuku Midoria, Hero Name: Deku, is a kindhearted young boy who aspires to be the greatest hero there ever was. Deku’s power level is already off the charts in the world of My Hero Academiabut his power in Legend of Korra will be the stuff of legend. There are very few people who can hope to stand a chance against Deku in Legend of Korra.

The many battles the protagonists fought in Legend of Korra were mostly decided by strategies and battles of wits, and plans often fell through when they mattered the most. Deku’s tactical mind is unlike any in Legend of Korraand his surefire plans will almost always lead to victory.

8 Genos Is A More Advanced Mecha-Warrior (One Punch Man)

Mecha tanks were developed by Haroshi Sato to aid the Equalists in their conquest of Republic City. These dreadful human-controlled robots were later modified to improve performance, and Kuvira created the ultimate weapon of destruction with her mecha giant.

Genos is far more advanced than any of these machines as he possesses free will and awe-inspiring power. Genos has the speed and power to easily outmatch any bender, even Korra herself. Aside from his strength, Genos is very intelligent, and he applies his tactical genius effectively in combat situations.

7 Ogun’s Firepower Will Make Him A Force To Be Reckoned With (Fire Force)

Ogun is a third-generation pyrokinetic with the ability to create flames. Seeing as bending techniques became more powerful and advanced in Legend of KorraOgun’s expertise in forging weapons of fire will be an awesome fit for this world.

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The presence of more overpowered characters in fire force makes it hard for Ogun to stand out. In Legend of Korra, however, he will be able to make more of an impact. With his power, he’ll easily rival the best benders in the world and be a very valuable ally in the fights against the enemies of peace and balance.

In Fullmetal Alchemist, a lone man wandered into the land of Xin and introduced alchemy to its people. Edward would have a similar legend written about him in Legend of Korra. Alchemy is a powerful art that can be misused to deadly effect in the wrong hands.

As bending is a power that can also be misused, Edward could empower those who weren’t born with bending abilities with alchemy to better defend themselves. Anyone can learn and practice alchemy, and there’s no better teacher than Edward. In addition, Edward is also a capable fighter with or without alchemy.

5 Fuegoleon Will Be A Firebender Of Epic Proportions (Black Clover)

With enough power to annihilate armies, Fuegoleon will without a doubt be one of the strongest “benders” in Legend of Korra. His control over the element of fire is simply astounding, and he even has the Fire Spirit to guide him, just as Korra has the Avatar Spirit, Raava.

Fuegoleon is not just strong, but he’s incredibly smart too. While he may have struggled to take down certain opponents in Black CloverFuegoleon will plow through almost any opponent he will face in Legend of Korra. Fuegoleon will make a great general in the armed forces of the United Republic.

4 Tatsumaki Will Devastate Her Opponents With Her Psychic Powers (One Punch Man)

The No. 2 hero in One Punch Man will easily be the No. 1 hero in Legend of Korra. Tatsumaki’s psychic powers are incredible, and she’s able to make large objects levitate and move them however she may please at tremendous velocities.

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She’s always willing to take on anything she thinks will be an actual challenge for her. While still won’t find a worthy foe in Legend of Korra, she will still be able to blow away all the villains who stand in her way. Korra will have to be on her toes if she still wants a chance to keep her standing as the protector of the people.

3 Shoto Todoroki Controls Both Fire And Ice (My Hero Academia)

Shoto’s power to control both fire and ice makes him half an Avatar, seeing as he can control only two of the four elements. Still, Shoto will be nearly unstoppable in a fight. He’ll easily be one of the strongest people in Legend of Korraand not to mention famous.

His Quirk allows him to control two completely opposing elements. Avatars who were born waterbenders will find it difficult to master firebending, and same goes for firebender Avatars who try to learn waterbending. But Shoto can wield both elements perfectly.

2 Sol Makes Creating Gigantic Earth Golems Look Easy (Black Clover)

Sol Marron is a wielder of Earth Magic in Black Clover, and she would make an excellent earthbender. She is a very tall woman like Avatar Kyoshi was, and her command of the earth is very impressive. She can create golems to fight for her or raise towering walls to barricade an area.

Sol also prefers fighting men rather than women, and since most of the villains in Legend of Korra are men, Sol will be more than happy to join forces with Korra to pound them into dust.

1 Armin Arlert Is A Tactical Genius (Attack On Titan)

Armin is best known for his tactical mind rather than his fighting skills. He’s simply a genius when it comes to strategy, and he can even outsmart the best, most experienced commanders. Armin can think far more critically than even those who are more than twice his age.

The protagonists in legend ofKorra were almost one step behind the antagonists, and they often found themselves playing catch up. Armin will know exactly what the enemies are plotting and how to counter whatever moves they make.

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