10 Amazing Josei Anime That Were Ruined By Their Endings

From fans to creators, the josei anime community is wildly underserved. The unpopular demographic is sorely lacking support and attention from the entire anime industry. Despite the small pool of anime to choose from, certain josei anime still don’t live up to the expectations of the shallow puddle of audience it has.

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Josei anime feels like a breath of fresh air. It’s mature, nuanced, and takes time developing every plot point naturally. This is a common trend across most josei anime. However, handfuls of anomalies slip through, and what once were amazing series are wrongfully ruined by their not-so-amazing endings.

10 Nana Could Have Been A Strong & Inspiring Example Of Friendship

nana tells the story of two girls who find comfort in each other as they get lost in Tokyo together. Strangers to a city, life, and each other, both Nanas develop a deep bond as the series progress. Though some of the obstacles life throws at the Nanas are undoubtedly heart-wrenching, the most painful thing fans had to witness was their slowly deteriorating friendship.

Being one of the most realistic anime, nana leans into the darker parts of each character’s mind without dramatizing it, something seinen is wildly guilty of. The bittersweet ending has Nana K. watching the fireworks in melancholy, awaiting Nana O.’s doubtful return.

9 Hakuouki Teases A Happy Ending That Never Comes

In Hakuouki, Hijikata was first introduced as a strict person, cold to everyone but his peers. Over time, he learns to be vulnerable with Chizuru on a level he has never been before. With Chizuru’s undying loyalty, the two share a deep bond that has the audience fawning over every little interaction.

Most speculate that Hijikata’s flashbacks imply a sweeter-melting ending. However, the sakura trees eerily scattered in the last episode foreshadow the opposite. Beautiful as they may be, sakura trees symbolize short-lived beauty, birth, and death. Hijikata’s death hits Chizuru hard. Viewers can only imagine what a young girl with no parents and no friends must feel after losing the life she saved.

8 Nodame Cantabile’s Ending Is Satisfying At Best & Unsatisfying At Worst

It’s not uncommon that fandoms have drastically divisive opinions about certain story arcs. for Nodame Cantabile, it’s whether the ending was above or below average. No one has extreme feelings about Nodame Cantabile’s ending, but the overarching consensus is that it’s disappointing.

Nodame Cantabile’s mature approach to romance makes it one of the best existing josei in the industry. The mundanity of Nodame and Chiaki’s random skinships makes their relationship more realistic. This is why, despite ending up together, their final episode feels rushed. After the well-paced relationship, the couple’s last episode feels like three episodes shoved into one, without a justifying ending.

7 Honey And Clover Ruins A Powerful First Season With Its Second Season

The adult-ing limbo Honey and Clover goes through greatly appeals to its targeted demographic. Everyone in their 20s struggles with being abruptly trudged into the real world, the tense aura of an ending college career increasing its relatability factor.

Season 1 of Honey and Clover ends with the powerful symbolism of a four-leaf clover by Takemoto’s bike. Throughout the episode, Takemoto talks about life through beautiful analogies: going on a journey to meet new people and not realizing how much everything he leaves behind means to him. Instead of providing another wholesome season that the audience can come to in times of need, Honey and Clover’s Season 2 robs viewers of a charming ending, compromising the entire appeal of the show.

6 Servamp’s “Hug Of Forgiveness” Is Pathetic

Nodame Cantabile’s ending may be rushed, but Servamp’s finale flashes through at lightning speed, monumentally bombing the show’s reputation as a whole. From Tsubaki’s offscreen change of heart to Hedgehog’s unconfirmed demise, servamp leaves too many questions up in the air.

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Innumerable questions about Servamp’s plot arises when accepting the ending as an actual finale. Viewers wonder what happens to Sakuya and how Mahiru’s weapon transformed into a key. Regardless of the answers to these questions, Servamp’s guiltiest crime is calling a lousy hug an ending.

5 Clannad Proves That A Happy Ending Can Be Just As Sabotaging As A Sad One

Viewers don’t expect a happy ending when a series plays with its audience’s emotions like it’s a professional sport. Clannad proves that it can be a disappointing one. The emotional rollercoaster ride Clannad has its viewers on starts from its pilot. Every character has a tear-jerking arc that opens the floodgates. Many con this anime as one of the saddest ones in existence.

With one heartbreaking death after another, a happy ending isn’t what fans have prepped for. Plot twists are always retcons to the storyline, but Clannad’s infamously unexpected happy ending erases every sad moment that preceded the episode. Fans indeed adore Tomoya and Nagisa’s getting together, but doing so at the cost of every tragic event seems rather unjust.

4 School Days Starts Of With Heavy Josei Elements, But It Ends With A Typical Dark Seinen Finale

the School Days fandom is split between slice-of-life anime lovers and twisted psychological warfare ones. Like the fandom, the series itself is also split down the middle.

From the cutesy first episode of Makoto falling for Kotonoha at first sight, School Days curtly devolves into a harrowing episode that involves a severed head, a sliced ​​open uterus, and a hysterical Kotonoha. As a seinen, the flow of the story tracks, and fans would’ve expected convoluted, bloody plot twists. However, as a josei, the horrific turn of events shatters the heartwarming slice-of-life illusion painted at the show’s beginning.

3 Otona Joshi No Anime Time’s Last Story Could’ve Been Better Executed

Otona Joshi no Anime time is an anthology anime that spotlights women during pivotal moments of their lives. Even with dramatic monologues, an anime trademark, the narration and flow of the show still have that cutesy josei feel to them — except for the last of the bunch.

Many seem to agree that the bookend episode varies slightly in tone from the three before. Direction wise, the anime flowed well. Dokoka’s story ends with a moment of self-actualization and a strong, albeit confusing, confrontation with her mother. However, a prominent scene in the episode dampens the effect and dilutes the strong message it stands for. Consequently, the blowback of questionable ethics affects the entire anime.

2 07-Ghost’s Short-lived Time On The Air Killed Its True Potential

Being associated with a classic such as Code Geass is high praise. 07-Ghost had massive potential. With a solid fan base, 07-Ghost enough attention from the media to have gained three seasons. But ending it before the manga’s conclusive finale was its biggest mistake.

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Fabricating an ending of its own, the anime cuts Teito’s journey with the 7th District abruptly short. Due to this, the audience was also robbed of witnessing the Eye of Mikail in its full glory. The finale didn’t let 07-Ghost live up to its true potential, with unanswered questions dragging it down from possible mind-blowing greatness.

1 Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju Shows That It Only Takes A Few Minutes To Ruin Something

The award for an almost-perfectly executed anime ruined by its ending goes to Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju. The riveting storyline and elegant animation create an engrossing anime on harrowing levels of beauty. Their character development is truly one of the best in the industry.

The worldbuilding was splendid in the first season, and the second season was just as poised. Just barely a handful of minutes before the finish line, Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju tarnishes its otherwise sterling reputation by revealing an indefensible fact about Konatsu’s son. With how passionate anime fans can be, these infamous few minutes sparked harsh criticism deep within the community.

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